Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Baby Babblings


I don't remember much these days without writing it down, but I do remember one day last week at dinner, when I said to David (or at least I think I said it, maybe I thought it...oh well, doesn't matter) that we're well into July, but that the temps aren't near as high as they usually are at this time of year.  I think the warm-weather-Gods heard me and thought something along the lines of "We'll teach her a lesson!"  The forecast for today was warm, but not too warm to keep me from going to the zoo with my best friend and the kids.  Nice morning outing, wouldn't ya say?  Not.So.Much.  Hot people!!  Already at 10am when the gates opened!  As in HOT!!  And there I was, with my Flagship (the double stroller) and roughly 60 lbs. in kids' weight.  Hey, no big deal that we had to give up our gym membership.  Momma got her work out pushing the Bulldozer with kids up one hill and up another.  Yes, I said "up" and "up".  There was no down hill in the cards for me.  The only one we encountered was the one when my friend was pushing my stroller.  She wanted to check out how it felt (she's 25 weeks preggers with baby girl #2).

By the time we got to the playground we were all drenched.  And tell me, what is it with the zoo that whenever I go there, I crave an ice-cold Coca Cola?  I don't do soda's.  I do water.  That's it.  Oh oops, I do water and cocktails (5pm my friends!).  Guess what?!?!  The zoo doesn't do Coca Cola!  They only do Pepsi!  I don't want to fall into the Coca Cola vs. Pepsi debate, but I am not a Pepsi person.  I just am not.  Don't like it, won't drink it. Period.  No Coca Cola to be found.  Darn those random cravings!

Long story short: Zoo. Too. Hot. Uncomfortable. Home early.

Over the past 3 days Kai hasn't eaten (much).  He usually eats well and it started to worry me a bit.  But this morning: all the worries were flushed away with the tooth brush water when I realized he was about to cut his 2nd 2-year molar.  That explained everything from the lack of eating, to the fussiness, to the random wakings.  Mommy's mind has been put to ease.

Yesterday marked the day that Ryder started 'talking'.  Not in any language that anyone but him can understand, but it is friggin' funny.  He is so excited about his new-found ability that he won't shut up!  Seriously people, I can easily put him forward to the Speech and Debate Team at my work.  He'll talk everyone under the table. I will leave you with a little clip taken during dinner last night:



Diane said...

too cute! I agree with you about the Coke/Pepsi thing. I don't do Pepsi.

Hello! I'm Kate. said...

I DON'T do pepsi either! And I'm strictly a water person to but every now & again I'll want a coke so badly!

That video is so cute! Lboy was memsmerized with him too!

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