Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Boys' First Beach Trip


I know, I know: you look at the title of this post and you think "WHAT?!?!"  That woman has never taken her 2 1/2 year old to the beach?  Well, sorta, in a way,... no.  And I'll tell you why: though we have been to the beach, we have never spent a day on the beach.  Kai was born in February.  That summer I deemed him too young to be exposed to so much sun, and just didn't think it was a good idea.  (I think I was a bit overwhelmed with the idea).  The next summer (last year) I was too busy with being nauseous and keeping myself upright, all thanks to that little Ryder-bun that had just started baking in the oven.  I remember those days so well and the thought of going anywhere with Kai just made me want to run and hide in bed under my blankets.  The poor kid missed out on a good amount of fun.  He can thank his brother later.

So yes, today was the first beach outing.  Mind you: I like the beach.  I HATE the sand.  I hate it as 'me' because sand gets everywhere, even in places I didn't think it could get.  I hate the it as a mother because the beach gets brought home and I get the honorable job of cleaning it up.  But...other than that...I love the beach!

We actually managed to leave the house at 9am as scheduled [applause please].  Getting out the door with 2 kids is a butt-load of work.  I'd have never thought it, but it is.  We looked as if we were going away for a whole weekend, but I think that also is part of parenthood.  You can never have enough wipes, diapers and food with you.


After some hesitation, Kai
(reluctantly) agreed to join papa at the shore line.  It's the same as with food.  It's an huge challenge to get him to take that first bite, but then he realizes it's actually pretty good whatever-it-is-he-just-let-us-give-him and then there's no stopping.  The same with the water.  Once he got that first wave hitting his feet, he was full of anticipation awaiting the "next one". 

I seriously do not know what the kid is made of, but whatever it is, it's working.  I can whole heartedly tell you that that water was cold.  It was FREEZING (well, almost).  What kind of sadistic joy do people get out of getting in the ocean here?   Seriously, something's gotta be wrong with you if you actually enjoy getting in here, because people, that was just not nice at all!!!!  Maybe it was the chub that Kai has left around his ankles and thighs that insulated him and made him unaffected by the freezing temps of the ocean for as long as he managed, I don't know, but he certainly was able to tolerate that water a heck of a lot longer than either David or I could.  Consequently, we took turns accompanying him. 

And when it was my turn, it happened: the water was calm, waves came in at a regular pattern, no higher than my calves until the one...the miniature tsunami wave that hit the beach and splashed up on my back and belly until right under my boobs.  Kai wasn't affected by the splash of water (again: HUH???), but me....well, see for yourself:


Yeah, I was 'affected' by it, let me tell you!  (I canNOT believe I actually am posting this picture!!!!!)  When my toes had almost become brittle as a result from the freezing temps they had been exposed to for way too long, Kai was starting to get a bit chilly as well.  "Honey, you're shaking and got goose-bumps all over!!!  You're cold."  "Noooo, Nooooo cold!!!  More waves!!!!"  You get the idea.

Our little trip out was topped off (literally) by a bird flying over and deciding to let go of some 'waste' right as he flew over David.  Charming...  Dave didn't think so, but at least the kids right next to us got a chuckle out of it.  It's supposed to be good luck.  I so hope he buys a lottery ticket on the way home tonight. Hey, at least we brought a butt load of wipes!!  "They've gotta be somewhere in this bag.  Lemme dig to the bottom."

So, with summer having arrived and temps on the rise (106 yesterday afternoon, 102 today), we'll be returning to the beach again soon.  I'm just happy that David was able to take the morning off and we were able to squeeze this family outing in.  It was great to have the help as well, as the thought of the beach trip by myself is still a bit overwhelming.  (Can you tell I am still in the infant shoes of motherhood-to-two?)



TV's Take said...

Love the pics - you look amazing after having 2 wee ones!
It's 115 degrees here today, I definitely see a few beach days in our future. Congrats on your first official beach trip!

TV's Take said...

In response to your comment we are 110 miles away from the beach. It's a quick drive to Orange Cty and worth it to feel a 20-30 degree difference. And yes, 115 begs for a lot of indoor play time.

Lori @ RRSAHM said...

Lovely pics! Isn't the beach just awesome?

Tricia at Mom is the Only Girl said...

I totally agree with the bit about taking a little one (when it's your first!) to the beach. The second one always gets the thought "heh, the first survived!" We live near the water, but no beaches around...

And, um, a 5 month old and you have no not fair!

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