So, who am I?  I sometimes still wonder about that myself, but let me try to answer the question as accurately as possible (for as far as I know myself):  I am a thirty-somewhat mom to two boys, living in Los Angeles, but born and raised in The Netherlands.  I studied, I worked, I traveled, I got married, and...I became a MOM!

Being a mom is my most important responsibility these days and I LOVE it!  My two boys are adorable (if I may say so myself) and they keep me plenty busy to the point where my house is no longer clean all the time, clothes aren't always ironed, taxes aren't filed on time, and meals are no longer always elaborate, but hey - everyone still loves them here!

Since I became a mommy for the 2nd time in February this year, my life has changed from 'coasting' with 1 child to a juggling act that fills my days with diaper changes, spit up, cooking, running a household, laundry, more diaper changes and last but not least: MILK.  Milk, milk, and more milk (for the kids).  Oh, and around 5pm a cocktail or a glass of wine (for me) - okay, okay, sometimes 2 - simply to stay sane.

I got married to David, the love of my life in on July 20th, 2003 (a year to the day after our first date):

We made two amazingly cute boys:

Kai (02/05/2008):

and Ryder (02/01/2010):

2 Australian Shepherds - Buster & Boomer:

and 1 Tortoiseshell kitty - Chaplin:

My educational / career background?  Marketing, Communications, PR & Event Management.
Passions?  Oh my, too many to name and definitely too many to really pursue for the limited amount of time I have available, but there's no harm in listing some of them:

  1. My # passion (of course) are my boys - all 3 of them.
  2. Cooking - I LOVE to cook.  Man, all I need is more time and a larger kitchen and I'd be in cookin' heaven!
  3. Traveling - Countries I have traveled to are definitely too many to list, but my favs are New Zealand, Fiji, Italy & Spain.
  4. Tennis - I used to play professionally, so I still enjoy a good game once in a while.
  5. Shopping - Ahh, shopping.  Small detail: I need more funds.
  6. Friends - When Kai was a few months old, I joined a mommy group: The Valley Moms Social Club.  Awesome!  I have made such amazing friends there.  Friends who are now such an important part of my life, I wouldn't know what to do without them.
  7. Sleeping in - Mother's Day 2010.  That's all I have to say.  Who knows when this will happen again.
  8. Cocktails - All I can say is "5pm".  Seriously (well, maybe not very seriously, but whatever), they keep me sane.
  9. Entertaining - Love having people over and hanging out.  Last year we got an HGTV patio makeover.  Can't wait for the warm summer evenings to arrive.
  10. Writing - Very excited about starting this blog.  I have no idea where it will lead to (or whether it will lead to anything at all), but at least I will have some great stories and experiences documented for later (when the boys are older and I can embarrass them with them).
  11. ...
This blog is a place to document my experiences and discoveries on the journey of raising 2 boys.  In the very first post of this blog, I explain more in detail how things got started.  As I love to cook, I occasionally share recipes that were hits in our house.  The kitchen is my haven, add to that a glass of wine or a cocktail and Mommy is happy.  Thank you for checking out my blog.  I hope that you'll stick around.  And please, if you have a chance, leave a comment after you read a post; it's pretty much the only way for me to know that you read it (and hopefully appreciated it).  Thanks in advance and once again, enjoy!


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