Tuesday, July 13, 2010

An Awesome Recommendation For Those in the LA Area!!

My lovely Ryder is getting mommy a bit "tangled up" I should say.  The little monster weighs 21 lbs. at the beautiful ripe age of 5 months.  Yeah, I know, that's heavy.  Tell me about it.  I cannot wait for him to be able to sit up by himself, but I think we're still a bit away from that moment.  Consequently, I am will continue to carry 21 lbs. of lovely chubbaliciousness around for a while.  Result: I have knots in my neck, shoulders and back that are big bigger and tougher than fisherman's rope.

One of the tendon's coming down from my knee is inflamed, one of the muscles right off my shoulder is off even worse (to the point where I couldn't lift my arm the other day) and on Saturday my neck locked up and in no-time I had a bulging speed bump popping out of there.  Not pretty. 

For my birthday David had given me 3 gift certificates from Stephanie Carper Smith, who has been a licensed Kinetic Massage Therapist since 1999 and who has over 1000 hours of education behind her.  For all of you who reside in the Los Angeles area, I cannot recommend her enough: Stephanie has proven to be versatile in that she gives massages that relax, soothe, ease and 'reset' you, yet she also excels in targeting problem spots, soreness, muscle problems, etc.  The massage that I received on my birthday was one of the relaxing ones.  It was a wonderful thing that she came to me, as I was so incredibly relaxed afterwards that I was happy not having to drive home.  'Heavenly' is the word that springs to mind.

Given my physical state of being, I didn't expect the 'I'm-going-to-fall-asleep-massage' this past Sunday.  Stephanie immediately found the troublesome areas and started working them.  It indeed was not the massage that put me to sleep, but it certainly was targeting the sore areas and all the tension that caused them.

The result?  Well, for starters, my speed bump is gone.  I can lift my arm without pain in my shoulder and I feel overall a lot more relaxed.  I mean, I definitely need many, many more massages as I strongly believe that they are aiding in not only my physical, but also my mental health [Dear Husband: ARE YOU READING THIS???!!!], but I whole-heartedly recommend Stephanie to anyone who is in need of either physical therapy massages, or simply wants to relax and re-vitalize.

So, here are the specials that she is offering to anyone who mentions that I sent them:

  1. One-Hour massage for $55 (that's a savings of $20) - First time clients only, valid July through September 2010
  2. Purchase a package of 4 massages at the regular price of $75, get the fifth one FREE - Valid July through September 2010.
  3. Similar deals are available for 1-1/2 and 2 hour massages.  Please contact her for details.
You can contact her at the info below.  Tell her that you were referred through my blog:

Stephanie Carper Smith

Kinetic Therapy



TV's Take said...

Good for you for taking care of your speed bump and congrats on getting it out! I wish I lived a little closer otherwise I'd be seeing Stephanie myself. Thanks for the recommendation,

Kasey said...

It sounds like you really need that massage!

Thanks for stopping by and following me!

Kasey said...
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