Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The price I pay for having big boys

For being 6ft. tall in flats, I wasn't surprised when Kai was born at 8 lbs. 7 oz.  Pretty average I would say.  The kid immediately managed to communicate that milk was going to be his favorite for years to come.  And he was right.  At one point he would easily and with determination consume 51 oz. per day.  51 oz. people!  That's more than I drink on an average day.  He quickly outgrew all his baby clothes. In the beginning, I actually forced him to wear his newborn outfits.  They were small, but heck, they were cute, so he HAD to wear them if for no other reason than for me to take a photo.  He continued to like his food (and milk) and as a kid who isn't yet 2-1/2 he's wearing 3T-4T clothes, weighing approx. 39 lbs.

Ryder decided (even while still baking in the oven) that he was going to catch up as quickly as humanly possible with his big bro and came into this world weighing a little under 11 lbs.  Yes, that's right.  He was a big baby!!  He too likes his 'White Gold' and at the wonderful age of 4 months he wore a 24-month onesie today .

So, there I was, this afternoon, at the doctor's office.  Explaining to my doc that my knee had been bothering me since Ryder had been 1 month old.  Yes, I wear him in the carrier around the house.  Yes, I carry him in my arms a lot.  And when I'm not, I'm on the ground wrestling with my toddler-monkey.  Gosh, and I was surprised that my knee was bothering me?  No, not really, but nevertheless, it bugged me and wanted to know what was up.  Well, inflammation.  That's what's up.  No, cannot take an anti-inflammatory as I'm still nursing.  So here I am, with one of those highly fashionable knee braces and the advice to alternate cold and heat packs in the eve.

Oh well, c'est la vie.  Life as a mom of big boys.  By the time my knee feels better, I'll be needing to invest in a deep freezer for the extra food I need to have on hand as they will most likely empty out my fridge in the kitchen, before I know it.  If anything I am grateful for the fact that they eat and that they eat well.  (We have decided to hold on to our Costco membership a bit longer.  I think it'll come in handy.)

Now, can anyone rub my knee?  

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Celeste Smith said...

WOW! You have to little healthy guys there! Way to go!!! Sorry that you are paying the price though!

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