Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Loving Thing My Husband (almost) Called Me

First of all, let me give a shout out to my husband:  Happy Birthday Babe!  I love you very much.  Yes, I love you AND I have to write about this, despite your pleas not to, but it's just too friggin' funny and I wouldn't want to withhold laughs from anyone.  Hey, if with this story I can brighten someone's day, or make at least 1 other person (besides us) laugh, then it's worth it and you can beg all you want, but it's staying up on my blog.  (After all, I AM the Queen - see siggie!)

So, as I said, it's my hubster's birthday today and tradition is that the birthday person gets to sleep in.  So, today was his turn.  Lucky guy.  Hubby wakes up, breakfast is ready (warm croissants from the oven, fresh fruit, daily caffeine-fix-without-which-reasonable-functioning-does-not-happen, gifts, etc.).  The day is on its way to become a lovely day.  Did I say he was a lucky guy?

Then Ryder wakes up and it's time for more food.  This time for him.  He eats his rice cereal after which he nurses and downs a bottle of milk.  (Having cereal before milk doesn't seem to keep him from consuming the same amount of white-stuff.  Good for him!)

David gets ready to go to an audition and explains to Kai that he has to go book a job.  He continues "that way mama can buy some actual veggies for Ryder and can back off of producing milk as if she were a ... [silence and swallowing of a word]", to which I started laughing and asked: "were you actually gonna call me a cow?"  All he could do was stutter, blush, mumble, blush, giggle embarrassedly and blush some more, which totally gave it away.  He actually was gonna call me a COW?!?!?!?  My own husband??  Wow, it's enlightening to see what 7 years of marriage will do to one.  I couldn't help but laugh and that's when the back pedaling started.  "No, I didn't mean to, I was going to say 'wonderful-milk-providing-goddess'.  Seriously, I didn't mean to call you that!!!"  I was soo amused to see him struggle and couldn't help but exclaim: "That is a story I have to write about!"  Well, that sent him completely up the wall.  Oh I "shouldn't do that!"  He "really didn't mean it after all!!"  I know that, and I will make sure to mention that you didn't mean it, yet it was still very funny and I am still going to write about it.

So, on that note, there it is.  My husband was gonna call me a cow, but hey, he didn't mean it!!  

When I started this blog, I thought it'd be fun to document my journey of discovery as a mom to 2 boys.  I knew that there would be material that I may be able to bribe and embarrass humor the them with when they are older, but it looks like this is also becoming a re-discovery of my husband.  Babe, this one is for you!!  So that I will remember this one for future purposes we can have another laugh about this later.  I love you anyways.  Oh, and Happy Birthday!!


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