Tuesday, June 22, 2010

25 Day Challenge - Day 7

Pack Up Your Thoughts
I have to admit that today I totally did not pause, or act in line with the challenge.  I did think about it.  It was the first thing this morning that I thought about.  Since Christmas I have been thinking a lot about the relationship that I have with certain people in my life and quite honestly, if I allow myself to really think about the details it gets my incredibly wound up.  In other words: totally not worth it.  This morning I started thinking about it again and then it hit me: just let go.  Don't worry about these things anymore.  If it causes me to frown and therefore enhances the wrinkles on my forehead....NOT WORTH IT MAMA!!!!! 

We're not talking about anything that I am dreading and that is inevitable such as my taxes.  I'm talking about 'relationships' that drain me of energy.  The ones that leave me feeling empty and that make me sigh.  In line with today's challenge: sometimes it is better to pack up the negative thoughts and feelings.  That way I am creating space for positive thoughts, feelings and experiences in the relationships that do give me energy, a sense of satisfaction, love, laughter and joy.  Did I pack them up?  I think so.  I have let go of the thought that I 'should' get along with everyone.  'Should' according to who?  Right, according to no one but myself.  All those thoughts are in my mind.  I have let go of them and it feels liberating.  I feel relieved.  It's a good thing.

I guess by now I have to re-write the first sentence of this post.  I did pause and act in line with the challenge.  Guess I did better than I thought.

Tomorrow's challenge:

Day 8: Go with the Flow
Sometimes we just have to be wise enough to go with the flow.  We have to put our trust in life and let the current carry us.  That doesn't mean we should take our focus off where we're going.

Click here for the 'pause - think - act' elements of the challenge


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