Monday, June 21, 2010

Oh my goodness, we have a parrot!

Both the boys' bedtimes are around the same time, so most of the time (whenever possible) bedtime consists of 2 similar routines, executed independently from each other, by both parents.  I cannot wait for Ryder to be strong enough to be able to sit and weather.  'Sit' as in 'sitting' as he's not there yet.  'Weather' as in 'being tough enough to deal with Kai's testosterone explosions excitement in the bath.  Kai loves his bath time.  

Both boys are pretty set in their routines now and over time, daddy and Kai have started the routine of recycling the bath water.  When the diaper is on, they scoop the water out of the tub with a pitcher, which Kai then carries outside to water the 'baby tree' outside.  Actually, Kai doesn't carry it, daddy does, as Kai is only in diaper and is not wearing any shoes.

After watering 'Kai's' baby tree last night, David and Kai return to the front door, only to realize that they had locked themselves out.  Just painting the image here: David with Kai (39 lbs. and barefoot) on his arm, pitcher in his other hand, wrestling to somehow fish the keys out of his pocket.  In a rush of frustration David mumbles: "Crap".  And there he (Kai) went: "Crap papa!"  Realizing what he had just done, David ignores it.  "Crap papa! Crap!"  Oh no!! "Crap"  That went on for a few minutes, but got boring real quick, so Kai moved on.

On my way back from the grocery store, I was stuck behind one of those people who cannot drive.  'Cause of course, I am an excellent driver.  Always.  Uhum...  Anyways, left turn at a traffic light.  I am the 2nd car in line.  The #1 car: that driver obviously was waiting for a written invitation to turn left.  Good grief!!!  Luckily I was able to refrain from saying anything I would later regret (though I was definitely thinking it), but for the remainder of the drive home all I heard from the back seat was "Com'on!!! GOOOO!!"  

Oh my goodness, I have a parrot in the house.  It's very funny, I have to admit, though sometimes I really, really have to bite my tongue.  For the sake of...well, I guess everyone.



Mama Grits said...

Ha ha! I have two little parrots, one who can't say her "r's" yet so it gets funny sometimes! Cute blog, new follower from MBC!

The Planet Pink said...

Oooooh so funny!! Yes, those little sponges are the best parrots....when they WANT to be! Of course, as soon as you try to get them to say "please" or "I'm sorry", suddenly the parroting trait mysteriously disappears.

Side note, I LOVE the idea of recycling the bath water!

JWild said...

LOL! That is great. They are such sponges at that age!!!! If Kai's worst word is "crap," you guys are doing a lot better than some parents I know!

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