Monday, June 21, 2010

25 Day Challenge - Day 6

Time Management
"When you want something done, ask the busiest person."  Pretty true.  But...not always.  I think I have the right to say that I am pretty busy these days, but do I get everything done?  Oh heavens....NOOOOOO!!!!  

This morning was consumed by the feeling that it was slipping away from me.  What was slipping away?  Time.  In order to keep my family fed happy, I had to pack the boys up this morning and head out to do some grocery shopping.  I knew this yesterday and had fully planned to make a grocery list before going to bed.  (Grocery shopping without a list inevitably means impulse buying.  And when on a bit of a budget: impulse buying = not good.)  However, I didn't.  I don't remember why, but that doesn't matter.  The thing that matters is that when this morning arrived, I didn't have a list to go by.

Mornings are hectic in the house: feeding a toddler, nursing a baby (at the same time mind you, as both are convinced that waiting would be synonymous to 'starvation'), feeding the dogs, feeding the cat, making coffee for hubby oh yeah and sneaking in a bowl of cereal for me at some point when everyone else is busy digesting.  Right when I'm done, baby is done being awake and needs nap.  During the hour that follows I: check email, empty dishwasher, get dressed, brush teeth, dress toddler, tidy, clean, make quick phone calls, prep Ryder's upcoming snack and...[outta breath].  Then: baby wakes up, needs to eat and since we just started on rice cereal last week that is a time consuming activity.  All this leaves approximately 1 hour to do groceries, run errands, take the kids to the park, or do whatever it is I set out to do that morning before we have to return home for lunch and nap time.

See: times flies in our house.  Especially when you're having fun.

For that reason, I need to always be ready to go.  In the evening make my grocery list, pack my bag, put the clothes out, etc.  Especially since sleep deprivation is keeping me from having a clear mind in the morning.  Today it was as if my brain was constantly shortening out.  Szszszszsz......crackle, crackle.  Something like that. 

Long story short: I did manage to make a list before venturing out to my beloved Trader Joe's, however, my time management this weekend could have been better.  It sure would have made for a more relaxed morning.  All this goes back to the original quote: work smarter, not harder.  For moms, this is an excellent mantra to live by.  It sure would take some of our stress out of the equation.

Tomorrow's challenge:

Day 7: Pack Up Your Thoughts
What are you choosing to hold onto in your mind?  You can always pack-up all the unnecessary and negative thoughts and feelings in your mind.  Pack away and put it out of your mind.  You then have space to create something new and positive.

Click here for the 'pause - think - act' elements of the challenge.


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