Thursday, June 17, 2010

25 Day Challenge - Day 2

I started my 25 Day Challenge yesterday, on my birthday.  "Do not worry" was yesterday's mantra and on several occasions I had to remind myself of it as the day unfolded.  

One of the treats these days is sleeping in.  Any minute after 7am is a beautiful one if spent with my eyes closed, in bed.  In silence.  Imagine how heavenly yesterday felt when I got to sleep until 10am and then was awakened to breakfast in bed...[sigh]  Sometimes I wish that it could be my birthday more often.  Just a few times I semi-woke up as my mommy radar detected baby fussiness down the hall in the living room.  Thoughts started going through my mind such as "He's tired.  It's his naptime.  He may need a clean diaper.  He is overstimulated."  But soon enough I was able to remind myself "Do not worry".  David was looking after them, I had to trust that he had it under control.  And even if he didn't - right there and then, it wasn't my responsibility.  For once.  

As the day unfolded in a beautiful way, filled with time spent at the play ground with the kids and David, a surprise massage (which sent me to a whole other world!!) and a beautiful dinner, there were other moments where I started to feel worried about something, but being aware of it is so powerful.  Being aware that you are about to embark on the worry train and being able to let yourself hop off before it picks up too much speed is incredibly powerful.  Be aware.  Live consciously.  As soon as we start going on 'automatic pilot' and start cruising without really paying attention, we are more likely to be thrown off by the unexpected.  If we're aware and living consciously, we not only will be able to catch ourselves when we start worrying, but maybe even more importantly, we'll be enjoying ourselves so much more.

The challenge asked for singing for 10 minutes yesterday.  I have to admit that I did not do that.  But that was merely to keep the peace in my house.  No, I don't suck that much at singing (or at least I don't think so), but for whatever reason Kai hates it when anyone sings.  He used to love it as a baby, his face would light up (just like Ryder's does when we sing to him), but these days he hates it and will throw a full-on tantrum if we attempt to sing a tune.  Singing these days happens in secret with Ryder when Kai is not around.  As a mom, I choose to pick my battles.

Today marks day 2 and today's challenge is to "Slow Down, Relax".  I can absolutely find myself in that one.  Right up my alley.  Then why is it that I have such a hard time consciously doing it?  I feel like my time is limited.  In the few hours that I have available when the boys are napping, I have tons and tons to do and it always seems as if my list only gets longer.  Never shorter.  Despite completing things and taking them off.  It feels like a never-ending battle.  

So, I have a hard time to slow down.  But, here's the thing.  One of my dearest college friends called me from Europe this afternoon.  Right after the boys had gone down.  Perfect timing hon!!  (And they were actually sleeping!!).  I had a whole list of things that needed to be done waiting on the kitchen counter.  Nevertheless, I sat down, curled up on the sofa and had a great conversation with her.  For over an hour!!  There were moments that I felt like I should be wrapping our conversation up because I had so many things that needed to be done.  After all, we're getting a dinner guest over tonight.  But I didn't.  We didn't wrap up our conversation until we were caught up on each other's life.  It was wonderful to sit there for an hour and catch up with someone I love.  The things on my list can wait.  They will still be there when I get off the call.  My friend lives on the other side of the world.  It is always a challenge to find a good time to call and catch up, given the time difference.  The times that it is convenient for her, I usually have my hands full with the boys and have a split focus between keeping Kai from dumping his building blocks on the dog, Ryder from losing his patience in his bouncy, the other dog chasing the cat all while I try to have a conversation with her.  Not ideal.  So when the time arrives that both boys are asleep and she to-do list can wait.

And here I am.  I just had a chance to catch up with my girlfriend in Europe, I got some sewing done, the floors swiffered and mopped, this post written and...there is still silence in the house.  

The bottom line: slowing down and relaxing for a moment, doesn't mean you won't get anything done.  It means that you are (once again) more conscious in the moment.  Giving, whatever it is that you are doing, more attention and therefore doing it better and enjoying it more.  

Just remember: whatever you get marked off your to-do list great, but as far as the other things are concerned: your to-do list will still be there tomorrow.  On the kitchen counter, where you left it.

I will sign off with sharing tomorrow's challenge:

Day 3: The Solution Focus
Making things positive doesn't mean a sunny outlook; it means making the choice to see problems as opportunities. Every problem and difficult situation is embedded with a solution - the adventure lies in finding the solution.

Click here for the 'pause - think - act' elements of the challenge.


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