Wednesday, June 16, 2010

25 Day Challenge - Day 1

It's my birthday today and as per David's 'command' I am not doing the dishes.  I made a delicious meal (recipe to follow at some point) and he is cleaning up.  Bless him.  After a cocktail and a bottle of delicious Merlot, I am not in a state of mind to seriously evaluate the first day of my 25-day Challenge, but all I can say is that the "Do not worry" line popped up in my mind a few times today and it worked. I had a lovely day.  It was a great birthday.

I will write more about it tomorrow, but at the moment I really would like to get back to the heavenly crème brulée that is awaiting to be caramelized and to the Baileys that is accompanying it.  

So, for tomorrow the challenge is as follows:

Day 2: Slow Down, Relax
Stress may appear to get things done in the short-term but in the long term it leads to burnout.  When you learn to slow down, you discover how easy it is to be relaxed whilst on the go!

Click here for the 'pause - think - act' elements of the challenge.

If the boys and time allow, I will cover today in my writing tomorrow.

Have a beautiful night and a 'relaxed' Thursday.


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