Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Don't Have A Title For This Post

Do you know how frustrating it is when every day you experience things that in your mind you HAVE TO blog about, only to then not have the time...??  Of course you do, and if you don't: lucky you and I kinda hate you (in a friendly, but envious sorta way).

Here I am, 6 days after my last post and every single day there have been events that really needed to be put down on paper.  It didn't happen.  What did happen?  A lot.  We: spent a day in Manhattan Beach with David's uncle, had a guest from Spain stay with us for 5 days, went to Disneyland, had a finger painting adventure on Labor Day, worked, baked, cleaned, tidied, cooked, grocery shopped (that's my own language), almost started crawling (the baby, not me), sorted through both boys' clothes, got the new ones out, put the old ones away
, did laundry and ... there's much more, I just don't remember.

5 years ago, the niece of a friend of mine spent a month with us in order to improve her English.  (She's from Barcelona.)  This summer she returned to the States to visit some friends and she was crazy enough to extend her stay and come out to CA for a few days to visit us.  She had never met the boys and Kai immediately fell in love with her.  Babiche had to play with him, cuddle with him before he went to bed, hold his hand, go where ever he went.  It didn't take long for him to get completely attached to her.  She was the first he asked for in the morning, the last he asked for at night.  Very cute, but a bit challenging now that she has returned to Spain.  This afternoon he asked me: "Mommy, when is Babiche coming back home?"  So sweet and heart breaking at the same time.

This labor day weekend was awesome!  We introduced Kai (and Ryder, but he's still too young) to Disneyland on Saturday.  It was a hot and crowded day, but it made an impression on him.  Metaphorically speaking, I can say that the Disney can has now officially been opened and there is no turning back.  NOT. A. CHANCE.


One thing I don't understand though: why is it, that my normally impatient toddler is most excited about meeting his favorite characters while he patiently waits in the line that leads up to the meeting?  But then, once it's his turn to meet them...oh my...the water works go into action ACTION.  As in: they go in overdrive.  Floods of tears and burying his head in whomever's shoulder he can get to the fastest.  Really?  That's what we just waited in line for?  Sweating off close to a pound in the burning sun, allowing the person in front of me (or was it behind me?) to nauseate me with their bodily scents, and refraining from making a snarky remark to the kid (who isn't mine) who is practically dancing on my toes.  I had hoped for a bit more of a delighted response.  Tears and "No Mommy, NOOOOO!!!" were not on my radar when I placed myself in the 'meet Woody / Mickey / Buzz Lightyear / Goofy' line.


Despite all that he does manage, every time he goes to bed, to tell me about the castle, the train that went through all the tunnels, the boat in the water (It's a Small World), the rocket ship, the French Fries, Woody, Buzz, Mickey & Goofy and the fact that papa, Babiche, Ryder and mama were all there.  Twice a day.  For the past 4 days.  I think he's hooked.

Ryder enjoyed a lot of the day as well.  It's a Small World was very exciting, and despite the heat he enjoyed bopping around in the carrier on my chest.  I think he enjoyed it a bit more than I did.  With temperatures well into the triple digits, carrying approx. 24 lbs. on my chest isn't quite my idea of being comfortable, but I am glad he was.  Imagine my delight when he decided to conk out after lunch in the stroller...


Labor Day (2 days later) was spent relaxing.  Seriously, we needed the long weekend after our Disney adventure.  The fun part for the kids: Kai's girlfriend and his future mother-in-law (my best friend) came over.  (I can't believe I have to say this, but please take the 'girlfriend' and the 'future mother-in-law' as a joke!!  I said that while winking ;-)The kiddo's went crazy making their biggest finger paint master piece to date: David had cut off a huge piece of paper from his 9ft. roll of seamless. 



Add finger paint to that and 2 toddlers and you have a recipe for success.  The inflatable pool that fits adults as well made it complete: we got to cool off while scrubbing down our little future Van Gogh's.  Finish it all off with some BBQ and you have a fun-filled Labor Day.

And now, on hump day, after a holiday weekend, I am already looking forward to the weekend again.  How bad is that?  I need it already.  It will be filled with children, play dates, craziness and baking.  Deep in my heart I would like to turn myself into (and live a bit more like) a Domesticated Diva, who bakes, who has her house always nice and party-ready, who whips up the best and most delicious meals every day and who has her kids always under control.  What a beautiful life that would be.  Oh well, a girl may have aspirations and dreams, right?  Maybe some day.  [sigh]


Hello! I'm Kate. said...

I love Spain! I love Barcelona! I wish I had and Aunt & Uncle over there that I could go visit to practice my Spanish! lol

Y'all look like you had a blast over the weekend!

I haven't had a lot of time to blog, so on Monday I wrote the entire week's worth of posts because I had so many ideas that I wanted to get "on paper" before I forgot them all!

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

Giant animal costumes look less imposing from a distance. That's my theory.

Nice finger painting adventure - you are so brave!

Ashley O. said...

I LOVE Disneyland! You are very brave! It was sooo hot last week! We haven't gone to Dland with Julianna yet...we are planning to go later this month, when we renew our passes!!

Emily said...

Okay, I absolutely heart the last two pics - and I adore my bumbleride indie!!!

Mothers' Hideaway said...

Ok, not only are you and I mommy soul mates (having two boys around the same age), but we're stroller soul mates, too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my bumbleride indie, too!

*~Petra~* said...

That is so fun that your kids got to go to Disneyland. We have not visited there yet... we did many years in Florida at Disney World, but have yet to do the California one.

I love the huge finger painting idea. It's a brave, but amazing mom who lets the kids free with finger paint like that. :)

Hope your weekend is going well.

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