Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm being Featured's another busy day in Southern California!  I am in the midst of prepping a baby shower for my best friend and these days I am (literally) consumed with trying out recipes.  I know, it sucks having to try out and perfect yummy-ness.  Obviously I will post pics and recipes after the shower (given that the mama-to-be stops by here as well;-)

So, while I am baking, shopping, baking, decorating (my baked goods) and tasting (read: devouring) all this awesome-ness, go check out Emily's blog Family and Life in Las Vegas where I am featured today.

I was so honored when she asked me to be a guest blogger while she was on vacation.  Go check it out to get to know me a little bit better and while you are there browse around and check out Emily's blog.  She's awesome, has a great writing style, has a great little squishy boy and enjoys life.  In other words, she rocks!



TV's Take said...

Congrats on being featured!!!! Good luck with hosting your shower

Mothers' Hideaway said...

Congrats!! When's the baby shower??? I own a store that you might like (or the mommy-to-be) that has some GREAT baby shower and nursery room stuff. Check it out! The Sweetest Impressions and here's our FB page

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