Thursday, September 2, 2010

Friday Faves - Week 7

Happy Friday Everyone!  We are back with the Friday Faves. 
Below is a summary of answers I got to the last Friday Faves.  This week's Faves are listed at the bottom, I look forward to hearing from you and reading your comments. 

If you have any suggestions or ideas on which you would like people to share their favorite, let me know and I'd be more than happy to include them in one of the next week's Friday Faves.

Here's a run down of the feedback we got after last week's Friday Faves:

1. Favorite
kid's lunch

"Chicken Nuggets with ketchup and ranch."  "Chicken Nuggets."  "Chicken Nuggets with ketchup and ranch."  See why I put this question up?  I need some variation, because despite having a Costco membership that allows me to purchase Kai's favorite lunch food, I cannot deny that the kid needs to switch it up a bit.
TV mentioned the old time favorite Mac 'n Cheese and though I never really thought of it as lunch, I guess that we can start introducing it.  It certainly is a fave of Kai's, especially if I make it myself with some Parmesan cheese, fresh garlic and an egg or two.
PB&J sandwiches?  They seem to work for everyone, including for Joey's kids, but at our house it is an absolute no-go.  Is there something wrong with my child?
PinkPowerRangerMom mentioned the one item that seems to work here as well: Vlasic Snacker Pickles.  For me?  Not really.  For the kid?  Absolutely.  Yep, pickles were once the hot topic of the day and are still a snack that brings memories for both Kai and me.  Cheese sticks are making a come-back as well.  Thanks for the tip!

Favorite baby proofing item

We got lucky with Kai.  For about a week he was obsessed with outlets and he let it go after that.  We bought some outlet covers and made sure the toilet bowl lid was closed, but that was about as much baby proofing as we did.  The shelf with alcohol and liquors is still at kids' level, the drawers could be opened, he never did it and has no interest in it whatsoever.  Phew. 
TV the cabinet magnet latches were a must, while the baby gate was a must have for Megan.  
Though Ryder is not quite mobile yet, I can only pray that he is as easy going as Kai used to be.  Because otherwise, I would have to open up my baby-proofing manual.  I am such a virgin...;-)

Favorite exercise music
Here's to getting healthy and in shape!!  Consider the following songs when you want to up your heart rate a bit.  Well, you have to do a bit more than just listen to these songs, but at least they'll get you going:
All The Single Ladies ~ Beyoncé (Megan's choice)
Big Yellow Taxi ~ Counting Crows w/Vanessa Carlton
Keeps Gettin' Better ~ Christina Aguilera
Renegade Master ~ Fat Boy Slim (
PinkPowerRangerMom's choice)
Boom Boom Pow ~ Black Eyed Peas
Fergalicious ~ Fergie

4. Favorite
stain remover

Can you tell I need advice?  I do.  Kai has stains in shirts that I have not managed to remove, even with the magic stain remover that my mom brought over from Europe (the one she used when I was growing up).  I don't even know what the substance is that created the beautiful round stain on his lime green shirt.  I'm bummed though as I love that shirt. [sigh]TV recommends soak, scrub, soak and always pre-treat.
Shout and Spray and Wash were mentioned as well, but I think I used a bottle of Shout in total on the stain and it (the stain) still exists. 
Megan also mentions Melaleuca Oil.

5. Favorite
clothing brand

Ah, my favorite.  There are some local little stores here in Los Angeles that I love to shop at, but the bigger ones would be Urban Outfitters, Anthropology and I have to mention the Peace Store that I discovered while in Santa Barbara.  Loved that store.  Found the perfect pair of jeans, only with a less than perfect price tag on it.  I seriously am not willing to pay $275 for a pair of jeans.  However, it was cheap in comparison to the $310 pair of jeans I saw at True Religion.
Anthropology, together with JCrew and Banana Republic are on
TV's list of faves.  Megan and PinkPowerRangerMom go for comfort and mention L.L.Bean, Land's End and Eddie Bauer.

For next week, I would love to hear about your Favorite:
1. ...healthy, take-along snack
2. ...foot scrub
3. shopping portal (other than Amazon)
4. shower favor

Have a great Labor Day Weekend everyone!



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Hope you have a great weekend!

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PinkPowerRangerMom said...

Healthy take along: nuts, individual packs of fig newtons, goldfish crackers, and trail mix
foot scrub: there is this little flower shaped scrubby sponge you can get at walmart. I don't know what it is called but it is already filled with soap.
Online shopping: overstock and sephora
baby shower: cute clips for the pacifier

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Nya's mom said...

Love your faves for baby proofing! You were right about our need to begin baby proofing a.s.a.p. I wrote a post on it, in which you are referenced on last week. Check it out here:


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