Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Day After Night 1

I survived the night (barely though).  Yesterday I wrote that we thought that Ryder might be rolling over soon.  Well, maybe today I should write that I am going to win the lottery soon...(because Lord knows we could use that) as last night I was up for over 2 hours with a toddler who went between flipping himself onto his tummy (and not being able to roll back yet) to being upset with the lack of paci to suck on.  Yes, I know, 2 hours is better than the 4 hours the night before, but this time, Ryder made sure that even David was aware of his new-found ability to flip himself over like a hamburger.  He (Ryder) fell asleep without too much problems last night though.  No crying, just fussing in my arms as we still haven't found a comfortable position together, but as soon as he was in his crib, all was well.  (This broke my heart though.  I want him to be comfy in my arms as well.  Com'on, I'm is momma!!!!).  The 2-hour block from 2:46 - 4:44 am were not as pleasant.  I couldn't even make it back from his room to mine before he had flipped himself over (again) and got frustrated (again).  I don't remember how long this period will take of me having to roll him back onto his back, but I sincerely hope it won't be too long.

Given that I don't drink coffee, I made myself the strongest cup of tea I had ever made, just to get me going a bit.  The whole time I was up last night I was dizzy and light-headed, which continued well into the morning.  I know what you're thinking...NO, it wasn't a hangover!!  All I had yesterday was water (but maybe not enough).

After the night that I had, it is obvious that my level of patience is not very high today.  So, my little trip to the store didn't brighten my day: for the past 2 weeks I have been looking to get a package of #2 nipples for the bottles that Ryder uses.  And for the past 2 weeks, the tag on the end of the hook (on which they are supposed to hang) have had this grey sticker on it.  Many useless helpful employees have told me that that means that the "item has been ordered and the shipment arrives tonight".  So, with my simple reasoning, I may conclude that that means that they would have them tomorrow right?  WRONG!!  They haven't had them 'tomorrow' for 2 weeks now.  Today I asked again and unfortunately, I picked the wrong lady to ask - she obviously couldn't give a crap had a baby as well who had kept her up most of the night and the word 'helping' clearly didn't exist in her vocabulary repertoire.  Now, if it was just the nipples, that would be one thing.  But it's the same for the finger paint.  Finger paint people!!  I want finger paint for my son, so he can express himself artistically in his own wonderful toddler-ways (which I am sure will be highly entertaining and possibly frustrating).  So, I came home with just Ryder's reflux medication and a set of spoons for Kai.  Wahoo!!  What a catch!!

And then, there was the car ride... Going to the store is partly the same way as going to my best friend's house.  Kai loves her and her daughter (they are boyfriend & girlfriend ;-), so on the way to the store he was convinced and got very excited exclaiming that we were going to see them.  It broke my heart to tell them that they were Bye Bye (=out of town) and that we were not going to see them, but were going to the store instead.  Luckily, he soon figured out that that meant that "Kai sit in shopping cart".  From that moment on, that was his focus. 

And here I am, enjoying some quiet time.  Both boys are asleep, I'm getting to write AND my favorite cake just came out of the oven.  

I cannot wait to enjoy it, but it needs to cool.  Darn.  It is by far the best (and healthiest) cake I have ever made.  Yes, it's healthy: it's a Lemon (read: Vit.C) Yogurt (read: Calcium) cake.  Most likely I will be the only one labeling it healthy, but hey, it tastes good and that's the most important thing.  It's a perfect combination of sweet and tartness, it's moist and, never lasts longer than 24 hours in our house.  Unfortunately I cannot take credit for this treat-from-heaven, but I am more than happy to credit Ina Garten.  She rocks, she's awesome and her food...simply delicious.  Go check it out and when you've made it yourself, do let me know how you liked it.  

Off to cut myself a slice to go with a cuppa tea before my monkeys wake up.

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