Wednesday, June 9, 2010

And So The Challenge Starts...

It started last night: I was up from 2-6am going back and forth from my comfy, much desired bed to Ryder's room.  Why?  The paci!!  The darn, darn paci!!  To simply 'pop' it back in to that little mouth that was desperately needing it - or so it thought.  It was a great invention when he was younger, it soothes him instantly, but this...this was just getting too much.  No, I am  not kidding; back and forth, pretty much every 10-15 minutes.  
I know there are others out there who can relate, but let me guess: you're all moms.  Don't think there are many dads among you...why?  Because dad's just sleep through it all!!  Or at least, that's the case in our house.  While sleep was a concept that I could only dream of (I know, I had to go there), my Dearly Beloved slept through the whole night (although he did come home late from work).  Nevertheless, I was blown away when he asked me this morning "How did you sleep Babe?"  What?  Sleep?  Whazz that? Who are you talking to?  Is there someone else in this room, because you sure couldn't be serious asking me that question.  Really, Com'on!!  So, long story short: sleep didn't happen for me last night.

Ryder had his 4-month check up with the pediatrician this morning - the perfect opportunity to get her feedback and advice on the matter.  The bottom line: given that he has his blankie that he is getting attached to and the fact that he is too young to have the cognitive ability to really miss an item, he can be weaned off the paci.  Shepointed out that he "may miss something to suck on", but also in that respect is he covered as he is more and more starting to suck on his fingers.  

So, this afternoon, I took the leap and got him to fall asleep without a paci.  After an hour of some fussing, some crying and a lot of soothing, he fell asleep and slept until 4pm, when I woke him up.  The rest of the afternoon unfolded without any problems.  Tonight, he was soo tired that he fell asleep while eating, so the paci-matter didn't even surface.  Here's to a good night.  Fingers crossed.  Hey, anything better than being up from 2-6 is improvement at this point.

Other than that, the well-visit proved that Ryder is a bundle of thriving boy.  With his 18 lbs. 10 oz. and 27" in length, he is in the 97th percentile for both weight and height.  Yep, he's a bruiser.  We expect him to start rolling over any day now.  Last night (and this may have had something to do with his interrupted sleep) he started to 'almost roll over', by rolling onto his side.  As soon as he rolls over, one way or another, we have the green light to start him on solids.  Kai started solids at exactly 6 months of age, but given Ryder's size we can start earlier.  Ah, the home made baby foods...I remember them vividly.  Let's pull out the stick blender and let's get pureeing!!  Yeehaw!!

The rest of the day, was spent cleaning up after everyone and feeding everyone.  Why is it that I often feel as if that is the only thing I do?  Oh wait, 'cause it is.  Yeah, I forgot.  Right.  3 boys, 2 male dogs, and a I remember.

So, yesterday I came across a banner ad for this amazing product.  Mommies and daddies, listen up: the Temporary Safety Tattoos for kids.  Sheer genius, let me tell you!!!  We've all been there: taking our lil' ones out on a day trip to either the zoo, an amusement park, or where ever else there is fun and thus many, many people.  I think I can say for certain that one of a parent's biggest fears is losing their kids on a day like that.  I can't even think about it - it would almost make me want to stay at home.  Almost.  I said "Almost".  So, here's the solution: The Temporary Safety Tattoo.  It's a temporary tattoo (well-observed) that stays on for a few days on which you can write down your phone # in case you and your little munchkin get separated.  They also offer ones that communicate other important matters, such as autism and allergies.  
No, I wasn't asked to write anything about the product, but I just think it is a genius idea.  So simple, yet so incredibly valuable to us parents.  

For anyone interested in the tats, please do me a favor and get them by clicking through the banner to the left here, on my blog.  I got so excited about the product that I signed up to be an affiliate.  In other words: you buy through the banner on my blog --> this mommy makes a little bit of $$ $, but hey, every little bit helps right?  Thanks in advance.

Well, my dearest readers.  It is time for this mommy to get some zzzzz's.  It is past my bedtime and after last night, I really need some sweet dreams tonight.  

Signing off now.  Nite Nite.

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Megan said...

Maybe the paci habit can be nipped in the bud? Here's hoping for your sanity and sleep!!!

Those safety-tats are a fantastic idea. Whenever we ever got on a vacation again (Hubby promised in at least 13 years. I hope he was joking), I'll have to get some of those.

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