Sunday, June 27, 2010

25 Day Challenge - Day 12

Overcoming Anger
The challenge for today was to write a letter to someone that I am angry with and then throw it away.  Hmm...come to think of it, I am not really angry with anyone.  Annoyed, yes, but not angry.  And the annoyance, well, I've let go of that on day 7 when I packed up my thoughts.  So, it would be better to say "I was annoyed".  Right.  I stand corrected.

I guess that is it for today as far as the challenge goes.  I'm almost half way there.  12 days done, 13 more to go.  Cool! 

Tomorrow's challenge:

Day 13: Add fun to your life
Waking up energised and excited about tackling challenges is a sign that you have the 'fun factor' in your life.  When you're having 'fun', you're curious enough to explore life.  And then, nothing is impossible or off limits.

Click here for the 'pause - think - act' elements of the challenge.


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