Saturday, June 26, 2010

Honey, I need a bigger house!!

We live in Los Angeles and are lucky enough to be home owners.  Our house is by no  means big, but with just enough bedrooms for the boys and ourselves and a spacious back yard, it works (for now).  When we bought the house, it hadn't been taken care of for 25+ years.  Need I say it was in bad condition?  Bad enough that we couldn't move in.  We worked our lovely rear ends off for 3 months to make the place move-in ready, but the work never stopped.  

Then we decided to start a family and we had a choice: move, or build on as the house didn't have enough bedrooms.  (The 2nd bedroom was our office as we are self-employed).  We added on to the house.  Nice.  Instead of 6-9 months it took 2 years. Lovely.  BUT...we learned A LOT!!  

There is still work that needs to be done, but that's not the point here.  The point is that we have a nice ranch-style house in one of the hottest parts of Los Angeles (temperature-wise that is).  

Move on to babies.  I swear, before the end of this post, this is going to make sense.  I promise.  Kai was 8 lbs. 7 oz. when he was born and turned into a ferocious aggressive, food-obsessed, devourer of milk (and later food).  At one point he consumed 51 oz. of milk per day (right before he started solids).  That's 1.5 liters for those who observe the much more logical metric measurements.  I mean, that's more than I sometimes drink per day!

Here's the kicker: Ryder was born at almost 11 lbs.!!  (No, that was not a C-section.)  In addition to his first instinct of survival, his main focus in life (at the moment) is to catch up with Kai.  And he's well on his way.  He's approximately 20 lbs. at the moment and is eating like crazy.  Yesterday proves that point: 11.5 oz. before bedtime.  I mean, 11.5 oz.!!  (Metric translation: 340 cc.).  Today, while Kai was celebrating his beautiful friend's Madison's birthday, Ryder devoured half a jar of peas, nursed me empty and topped it off with 5.5 oz. from the bottle.  Where does the kid leave it?

Long story short: before I know it I'm going to need a deep freezer to store more food.  It's one thing when it's 'just' the kids who are eating a lot, but it's another thing when they start bringing friends over.  Who also eat a lot.  I fully expect that the day where I open the fridge and wonder where the food for dinner went, to which Kai will say "Oh, I had that for a snack" is not even too far away.  So, I need a deep freezer (or at least a 2nd fridge).  And since I don't have any place to put it, the only logical solution is that I need a bigger house.  Makes sense right?  It does to me ;-)



Mommycrat said...

I don't know what houses are like in LA - we have our deep freezer in our laundry room in the basement (but I suspect from your post you have really maximized your space).

I hear you on home renos - we have an older home (1960s bungalow) - we've gutted and remodelled the kitchen already - next we have to do some foundations repairs (there are SOOO many sexy ways to spend money) and maybe in two years we'll add a second bathroom!!!

As far as freezers go - hope you figure it out - maybe just a bigger fridge will do? We actually downsized our fridge when we remodelled. The last family here had five kids (I don't know how) - so they left us a really big one!

Also - wanted to let you know I did a post thanking you for the award you gave me last week - you can find it here:

Thanks again! And continued good luck with your 25 day challenge!

The Planet Pink said...

I'd LOVE a deep freezer! My kids already eat me out of house and home.

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