Wednesday, May 19, 2010

M for Mommy

I've been meaning to do this and as today seems to unfold in quite an uneventful manner (though it's only early afternoon), I figure I sit down and briefly explain where the name for my blog came from: mformommy.

Right before Easter, I had to go to the florist.  Mind you, I love flowers, but I do NOT like the ones here in America.  (Sorry, no offense.)  I am Dutch and in The Netherlands we have flowers.  REAL FLOWERS!  Beautiful flowers that are actually grown locally, that are (or at least 'were' when I still lived there) affordable and that would last (longer than 2 days).  I  miss my home country in that respect.  Oh and I miss the delicious cheeses, breads and oh so many other yummy things, but that's not what I want to write about, because if I do, I get hungry and I'm still trying to shed the last pounds that Ryder graced me with during my pregnancy with him.

Back to my story.  Where was I?  Easter. Florist. Right.  So, I pull up with my 2 boys in the Prius (yes, I drive a Prius and I LOVE it) and park the car in a parking lot that is between my florist and one of the world's most famous fast-food places.  I open the door for Kai, free him from his car seat and as he hops out, his head slowly moves backwards into his neck as he looks up - in awe - to one of the largest forms of advertising the kid had ever seen in his 2 years of life.  There it was: the golden arch!!!  In amazement he stares at this enormous sign that (probably together with our nation's most beloved soda) is the pinnacle of American advertising and that unfortunately symbolizes a big part of our culinary society [insert sad face].  The sign that I do NOT want him to become familiar with any time soon.  And then he exclaims in a voice that only communicates love and exhilaration:

"Mommy Look!!!  'M' for Mommy!!!"

Oh dear God, bless my beautiful little boy.  May he remain this innocent for a long, long time to come...

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JWild said...

Such a sweet story Marieke! Kai is just so sweet.

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