Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It Just Doesn't Stop

Today I have come to the conclusion that no matter how hard I try, certain things just don't come to an end.  Unfortunately.  

It wasn't a particularly exciting day: aside from 2 brothers who decided to both be extremely high-maintenance, requesting my undivided attention almost 100% of the time they were awake this morning (see how that, in and by itself puts mommy in a bit of time crunch?), the day has been much like the weather: a bit gloomy, with some rays of sunshine, but overall not very bright, with some occasional wetness.

On several occasions I found myself flustered: standing in the middle of whatever room I happened to be in, looking around and noticing all the things that needed attending, yet not being able to move one bit into getting anything done.  Yes, that was my day.  Ultimately I did get my groceries done - but that was largely due to the fact that I put my bag together last night, so all I had to do was to grab the bag, the kids and get in the car, and drive to my beloved Trader Joe's.

And then, this afternoon while I was nursing Ryder and I was enjoying a moment of peace and silence (Kai was still napping and Ryder, well...he had his mouth full) it came to me: some things just don't come to an end. In a moment of clarity, I had cleaned the floors this morning and yet they looked as if they hadn't been attended to for over a week.  Then there are the laundry hampers: I think I have to buy new ones, these aren't working for me.  I am convinced that I have 'bottomless' hampers as I never seem to be able to reach the bottom.  I do laundry, turn around and the hamper is full again.  Huh?!?  Wha's up with that!?!

Then there are the dogs, the cat and my boys.  I love them all dearly, but open a door and at least one is bound to track in dirt.  The dogs and cat: they shed and 't is the season for shedding.  I clean, I turn around and there is...animal hair.  Well, I have to be honest: I can't leave myself out of the equation:  I shed as well.  The post-partum-kinda shedding when I lose all the beautiful thick hair that I worked so hard on collecting during my 40 weeks of pregnancy.  It's going and every time I brush my hair, clean the floors, or change my outfits, I am reminded of it.  [Sigh] On my part, the shedding does come to an end (one may hope so), though I never feel that is really true for the animals.
Well, and then the boys: it had rained last night and early in the morning.  David had left early, but hadn't closed the laundry door properly, so the dogs had taken the liberty of letting themselves in.  I woke up to muddy dog paw prints through the entire house!  
Last but not least there was my sweet & energetic toddler: right after breakfast was done, Sesame Street and Curious George were watched, he HAD to go outside.  It wasn't the "I would like to go outside", but rather the "If you don't let me go outside NOW my world will come to an end!!!!"  So, to keep the peace, I let him outside.  Yes, and then he came back in.  And went back out to go down the wet slide and land in the mud puddle at the bottom.  Oh,and he came back in.  You get the picture.  That combined with the paw prints...get the idea?  (Oh, by the way, this was after I had cleaned the floors.)

Long story short: some things just don't stop.  Laundry, animal hair, contents of my garden on my light flooring, only being a few examples.  There are many more that I could write about, but I won't.  I'm gonna kick back, pour myself a cuppa tea and watch some American Idol.  On purpose ignoring my floors.  It's dark, I am not going to notice.  Tomorrow is another day. 


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kathy z said...

I know how you feel.... In fact, I think we were feeling exactly the same at some point today... None of those things ever end... Sometimes we just have to let them be... Dirt is OK. :)

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