Friday, May 21, 2010

Nap Time

12-noon: Mommy & 2 boys return from play date.  Baby is hungry - gets fed.  Toddler is hungry - gets fed.  Mommy is hungry - eats.

12:45pm: mommy is excited for boys to go to take their nap, so she can get some work done.

1:00pm: Baby plays in crib, while mommy puts toddler down.  Crap, CD player won't work.  Just like yesterday afternoon.  Why did daddy get it to work last night?  Do I have bad ju-ju?  Tried everything, except throwing it out the window.  Still doesn't work.  Sh**!
Mommy tells toddler that "CD player is broken and he'll have to fall asleep without music.  Will buy new player this afternoon. Love you."

1:10pm: Mommy rocks baby to sleep with lullabies playing on single 1 player in the house that works.  Baby konks out in 10 minutes.

1:20pm: Excited mommy moves into office and starts working.

1:30pm: Mommy checks monitor and notices that toddler isn't in bed.  Mommy enters room and Toddler is playing with blocks.
Mommy: "Why aren't you sleeping?"
Toddler: "Music oh-oh!!"
Mommy (internally): "Damn player"
Mommy: "Let's fix it."
Toddler: "Okay Mommy"

Mommy fails mission, cuddles with toddler who now wants to wrestle.

Mommy: [sigh...]
Toddler: "Bye Mommy".
Mommy (relieved as this always means he is ready to fall asleep): "Bye Love"

1:40pm: Mommy calls Daddy.
Daddy's solution: "move the CD player from nursery to toddler room.  Baby isn't attached to the music yet, toddler is.  That way they'll both sleep."
Mommy: "You obviously don't know baby!"

Mommy downloads CD from internet so she can play on MP3 player.  Daddy has MP3 player with him. Crap.

Nevertheless, mommy goes in to nursery (baby asleep), steals player & moves it to toddler room. (It's worth the try, right?)

1:50pm: toddler asleep, baby asleep!!  
Mommy: "I guess daddy was right.  Yeah!!" 

1:55pm: baby wakes up crying.  I guess Mommy was right [usually: "of course!!"  today: sigh & "darn"]

1:56pm: mommy rocks baby to sleep.

2:20pm: baby asleep.  Mommy moves baby to crib. opens eyes!!  Oh you've gotta be kiddin'!!!!!!

2:30pm: after 10 minutes of rocking, Mommy gets brilliant idea.

2:40pm: mommy moves laptop on which imported lullaby music plays which was downloaded earlier (see 1:40pm)into nursery.  Mommy rocks baby.

3:00pm: baby is out.  Mommy moves baby to crib.  Baby still out.

3:01pm: Mommy does happy-dance (in living room, NOT in nursery!!)

3:42pm: Baby & toddler still asleep.  Mommy is done writing.


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Michelle said...

This sounds familiar except baby never sleeps past 3:30pm and toddler never falls asleep before 3pm, if he naps at all. I keep reminding myself I'll have free time in 5 years when baby starts school, but damn that is a long way off.

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