Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The upcoming birth...

Yes, it has been quiet on the fronts here at M for Mommy.  But not without reason.

I am full on preparing for the birth of another baby...


The suspense is killin' ya isn't it?  Am I pregnant?  I guess this is where I can say that I am actually "a little bit pregnant".  "A little?" you ask.  Yes, a little.  

Soon (the actual due date isn't quite clear yet), I will be birthing my new blog.  I am leaving the Blogger Platform behind me and am moving over to Wordpress.  So, at the moment I am re-inventing oh so many wheels, designing my blog, putting it together, including a whole new recipe section, etc.

I am beyond excited about it and as things are starting to take shape, the excitement only builds.

As soon as my new baby has arrived into this world, I will make the announcement, sincerely hoping that you will move with me.  It will be a whole lot easier to communicate with you, and the site will have a whole lot of yummy-ness to offer in addition to the more frequent updates.

Thanks for hanging around.  Here's to an easy and relatively smooth birth.



1 comment:

PB Rippey said...

You KILL me! Right on for Wordpress. I love it and so easy to use and create with.

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