Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Forget Tupperware! Crib Parties Are Taking Over!

You think a 7-month old would have no idea how to party (yet), but my 7-month old, well, what can I say?  He's an exception.

2 nights ago Ryder decided that it was party time.  He was up and ready to rock (his crib).  It was an 'all inclusive' event; he made sure that everyone of the household was included by sending out the invite loudly and clearly.  No one was left out to join in celebrating his newly discovered ability to (as I said) rock the crib.  Very thoughtful.

There was only 1 slight problem: it was 3:30 in the morning...

And rocking it, he was.  After several requests from his side to convince us to join in on the fun and several attempts from my side to make him go back asleep by sending him sleepy vibes through the wall that separates his room from ours, I concluded that my sleepy vibes were just not strong enough (for him).  I went in and found him on all 4's, rocking back and forth so hard that his crib was shaking.  Good thing we had lowered his mattress last week as he otherwise would dive right out.


I changed his diaper and turned on his lullaby CD, hoping that it would lull him back into zzzz-land.  Oh, how I wish... 2 hours later he finally rocked himself into exhaustion and decided it was time to wrap up his crib party and conk out. Just in time to allow mama 20 minutes to regain a small amount of sanity before her alarm clock went off at 6am. 

Come last night: same thing.  PAR-TAY in Ryder's crib people!  Anyone who wanted to join, was (again) verbally invited.  No doubt about that.  And despite it sounding like a heck of a fun party, my preferred place to spend the night remained in my bed, on my pillow.  With my eyes closed.  In silence.  That didn't happen.  For obvious reasons.

Sleep deprivation is setting in, especially given the fact that I work early mornings and at time I find myself wishing he would just get it over with and start crawling.  That way the newness has rubbed off and we can go back to sleep at night.  But do I really want that?  I mean, REALLY?  [sigh]  I don't know.  Him crawling means that I cannot just put him down in the living room, go get a glass of water and return to the living room finding him in pretty much the same place where I left him.  Once the crawling is discovered, there's no turning back and my peaceful time (as I know it now, though really, it ain't always that peaceful) will be gone.  Never to return again.  Until the boys move out.

Truly?  Really? 

All I want at this point... a good night's sleep.



Ashley O. said...

Yay for discovering new things!!! Boo for new discoveries at 3am!!! Hope you get some sleep mama!!

Mommycrat said...

The pics are adorable - 3 am or not.

As for crawling and trying to leave to go get stuff - we just keep her confined to one room where (so far) she hasn't been able to do much damage. We baby gate her into the TV room turned playroom. Worst that happens is she pulls books off the bookshelf. So it's a much messier room than a few months back, but she's happy :)

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

He's a cutie, but I value my sleep more than middle of the night cuteness. I hope he gets his party time straightened out for your soon!

TV's Take said...

Got to give him an A for effort but his timing was all off. Hope he decides to cancel all future party dates and starts crawling. That act alone should make him more tired therefore unable to party it up.

Kelley said...

What a sweet boy!! It is hard to believe my youngest is 2 1/2. I miss crib rocking days. :(

Emily said...

Missing your posts. Hope all is well!

The Let's Talk! Mom said...

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Please follow back at www.TheLetsTalkMom.


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