Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Toddler is Off

Yes, that's right: my toddler is off.

No, he's not past his expiration date, nor does he smell funny.  He is off as in, he's not the normal toddler.  I had a suspicion, but as of today I have decided that it's a fact.

"Why?" you ask?  Well, let me tell you:
I made brownies today.  Yummy brownies.  Okay, I admit, I experimented a bit with the recipe, but they came out great.  Nooooo!!!!!  I know what you're thinking!  They were NOT space cakes!!  It wasn't that kind of experimenting, okay?!  Really, do you think I would do that to my toddler?  Well, if you knew my toddler and saw him at times you'd think I did spice up his food with something energizing, but no, I did NOT.

No, I actually got the recipe out of the "Deceptively Delicious" cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld.  The brownies contain 1/2 cup of carrot and 1/2 cup of spinach puree.  Now, I know that you're frowning while reading this, but hey, I'm up for trying things out.  So I did.  And honestly, I have had my fair share of brownies and these are actually pretty good.  A bit more moist than your average brownie, but full of chocolate flavor.  I cannot taste the veggies in them.  Absolutely not.

As I said, they came out great.  Not as high as I would have liked, but the recipe called for an 8" brownie pan and I only had a 9" - hence the height difference.


I baked them during nap time, the house smelled like freshly baked goodies (I love that smell) and the recipe called for letting them cool completely before enjoying them.  That was the hard part. the time I woke Kai up from his nap, they were cooled and ready to be eaten. 

So, I tell Kai I have a treat for him, give him the brownie, he takes a little bite and...spits it out!!!  He spits out the brownie!!  My toddler just spit out a freakin' brownie, one that oozes chocolate flavor!! What the heck?  Aren't toddlers supposed to like this kinda stuff?  I swear, my toddler is off.

Sigh, now I have to eat them myself...oh well...



Melanie said...

LOL...I'm cracking up, seriously cracking
I tried the same recipe and my kids ate them , my eldest did say something was "off" about them .When I asked what it was he eyed me thinking I snuck something in there. How on earth does he know when I can't taste it? Who knows, either way, Mommies desere a brownie here & there :) Enjoy!!

Melanie said...

* I meant...deserve...*sigh* See I need one right now, I'm having a Mommy Brain Fart moment. :)

Hannah said...

Ok, this post had me cracking up! I have that cookbook and haven't tried the brownies yet! I can just imagine my boys doing the same thing LOL! Then I would be stuck eating them all and despite the fact that there are veggies in them it still goes against my diet LOL! Maybe he just wasn't in the mood! Try again later LOL!

BTW, I am following you back!

Ashley O. said...

Don't eat them all by yourself!! I will help you!! :)

collin said...

Cute post. Very entertaining. :)

Take the Caring For Toddlers test and find out how good are you at caring for toddlers.

Di said...

Its like they have a kid radar built in that alerts them if something is remotely healthy. You can send some brownies my way though.... and milk too?

Buckeroomama said...

LOL! Smart guy! :)

The Planet Pink said...

Oh that's classic! And here you thought you were being so sneaky!

Nya's mom said...

lol! Aww. Too bad! I have heard of trying to sneak veggies into baked goods for kids. It sounds like a good idea. Maybe he was just tired or knew that "something was up."


Mothers' Hideaway said...

Share them with me!!!! That sounds so yummy, though. I think sometimes they just smell our anticipation when we get them to try something new. You know, our boys are wily (is that how you spell it??) little ones.

MamaOnDaGo said...

I'll try "healthy" brownies. Perhaps your child has some sort of super hero sense that allows him to sense anything healthy .

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