Thursday, August 19, 2010

Friday Faves - Week 6

Happy Friday Everyone!  This time I am even more excited about the weekend: it's my long awaited and anticipated Mom's Weekend Out.  12 Mommies in Santa Barbara - how fun it'll be! 

Below is a summary of answers I got to last week's Faves.  This week's Faves are listed at the bottom, I look forward to hearing from you and reading your comments. 

Now, I might have to specify a few things:
* If you have any suggestions or ideas on which you would like people to share their favorite, let me know and I'd be more than happy to include them in one of the next week's Friday Faves.

* If you want the chance to be featured on my blog next week, go ahead and host a Friday Faves post on your own blog.  At the end of the week I will choose the winning Friday Faves post and feature it (and its author) on my blog!  Just follow these easy steps and off you go:

1. Become a follower of my blog.

2. On your blog, write a post, including anywhere from 3-5 'fill-in-the-blanks' that start with "What's your Favorite..." (you come up with your own ideas).

3. Add the Friday Faves button to your post:

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4. Link your post up anytime during the week while the linky below is open.  (Make sure to link up the appropriate post, not your blog home page!)
Note: Link up only when you're actually hosting a Friday Faves on your blog, please.  I will delete any spam link-ups.
At the end of the week, I will choose the 'winning' Friday Faves list of questions and feature the winning blog, its questions and their answers in my Friday Faves post.

You don't need to write a follow up post on the feedback you get from people, however, if you'd like to do that, I bet your readers would enjoy it.

So, mama's - let's get the creative juices flowing!!

Here's a run down of the feedback we got after last week's Friday Faves:

1. Favorite ice cream
When I first moved to the US, I was introduced to Ben & Jerry's Bovinity Divinity. (Milk chocolate ice cream with dark and white chocolate fudge cows)  LOVED LOVED LOVED that ice cream.  Unfortunately it got killed.  I don't know why, but I suspect it wasn't performing well enough or meeting the requirements.  It doesn't matter.  It no longer is and I am (still) heart broken.
Joey's favorite is Ben & Jerry's Phish Food.  Yummy and filled with everything yummy under the sun that can be included in ice cream.
TV's fav is anything coffee related, which reminds me, have you guys tried the Haagen Dasz Baileys Irish Cream ice cream?!?!  To die for, so yummy!

Favorite teething remedy for infants / toddlers
Medication-wise both Orajel (which is also popular at TV's house) and Tylenol worked well with Kai.  The Tylenol always took about 20 minutes to start working, so those 20 minutes got bridged with the Orajel.  Worked like a charm and always put him right back to sleep.  Ryder is almost dispensing as much H2O as the Niagara Falls, but luckily there are no teeth on the horizon yet (I want to hold on to his gummy smile a bit longer - mommy isn't ready for teeth yet).  The cool thing though: both boys love(d) this wooden rattle that used to belong to my dad.  Kai loved to chew on it and now Ryder is doing everything he can to chew the thing to pieces.  Love the sentiment behind it.Joey made me laugh with her response as she suggested ear plugs.  Good one, I'll remember that when we really start teething in this house.
Traci suggested a cold cloth to chew on.  Thanks for the suggestion.  For Kai it never worked, but with Ryder I hadn't thought of trying that out.  Will do so soon!

Favorite kid-friendly curse word
I didn't get much feedback on this one.  Am I really the only one who needs to let it out sometimes?  Really?  Well, around here I do think a lot more than I say, but when I really cannot keep my mouth shut it's usually 'darn, crap or shoot'.  - Don't ask what all goes through my mind sometimes.....:-0

4. Favorite at home spa treatment
Similarly to Traci, my favorite at home spa treatment is a facial.  I start out by cleansing it with my Dermalogica cleansing gel, followed by a scrub.  I have a facial steamer that really opens up the pores and then the clay facial mask from The Body Shop.  Let it dry up for about 10 minutes at which point you cannot move a muscle in your face without the mask cracking all over.  When you clean your face with lukewarm water and then moisturize it, it not only feels great, but it also looks refreshed.  The following morning I always think I look 5 years younger.  Maybe that's wishful thinking, but hey, it works for me!
For both
Joey and TV the favorite at home spa treatment is a pedicure.  Ah, the joy of soft feet, callus free, nicely polished toes, pretty and ready to be shown off in sandals.  I hear you on that one girlfriends!!  (It'd be even better if we could get our hubby's to massage the lotion in to get them not only soft, but also relaxed....;-)

5. Favorite book
Oh, how our life changes when we have kids.  For many of us our favorite book is a book that our children enjoy.  I have to admit that I don't read much myself, but...for this weekend I actually bought a book that sounded so fascinating: "Like Water for Chocolate" by Laura Esquivel - a novel about pouring your heart and soul into your cooking and all that this can lead to.  I can't wait to read it on the beach this weekend.

For next week, I would love to hear about your Favorite:

1. ... kid's lunch
2. ... baby proofing item
3. ... exercise music (3 songs)
4. ... stain remover (for the toughest stains)
5. ... clothing brand

Have a great weekend everyone!



PinkPowerRangerMom said...

Visiting from Friendly Friday. I have two boys too--the only other females in my house are the cat and the dog!
My kids are 5 and 10 so I pack a lot of lunches. My fave may sound weird but I can count on my kids eating it: a couple of Vlasic "snacker" pickles, some crackers, a cheese stick, and some pepperoni slices, and a piece of fruit.
Exercise music: Renegade master by Fat Boy Slim, Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas, Feriglicious by Fergie
Stain remover--the Spray and Wash that has pink liquid and a clear one that mix together when you squirt it.
I love stuff from land's end and eddie bauer because of the quality and easy care.

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

Here are my favorites:
1. ... kid's lunch - PB&J
2. ... baby proofing item - we didn't get into this a whole lot because thankfully she didn't bother a whole lot. We did use those cabinet latches. It was weird opening the doors after those were gone!
3. ... exercise music (3 songs)- sadly, I don't have any!
4. ... stain remover (for the toughest stains) - I still Shout it out.
5. ... clothing brand - I really like clothes to just be cheap, so I don't discriminate!

Tiffany said...

Following you from My New Life

Megan said...

1. ... Chicken nuggets make a big showing at our house for lunch these days, especially with some sort of dip. Also cheese and grapes.
2. ... Baby gates, if that counts. Until we figure out a way to anchor her dresser and changing table to the wall, baby gates are a must!!!
3. ... "All the Single Ladies" by Beyoncé; "Big Yellow Taxi" by Counting Crows w/ Vanessa Carlton; "Keeps Gettin' Better" by Christina Aguilera
4. ... Thankfully, Shout has worked for me so far. Also, Melaluca Oil does wonders.
5. ... L.L. Bean I love the comfy, down to earth designs and fit. If I could, I'd own every thing in the catalog, ever season!!!

Santa's Gift Shoppe and Ideas said...

Hi..I’m Barb….I am from FF. I am your newest follower. I hope you will get a chance to visit my blog @ & get inspired by something for your family/home. I hope you will follow me as well. I also would love for you to be a new Fan of my Facebook page too & click “LIKE” in the upper right hand corner of my blog & you’ve done it..Thanks so much! I am just starting at Facebook. Nice to meet ya new friend!!!

Lydia @ On The Verge said...

Hope you are having a great weekend! Thanks for joining my Follow Me Friday! I am your newest follower! Can't wait to read more.


TV's Take said...

Hope your having a wonderful time! 12 friends in Santa Barbara, I'm pretty sure that's every girls dream.
1. ... kid's lunch = mac n cheese
2. ... baby proofing item = cabinet magnet latches
3. ... exercise music (3 songs) -??
4. ... stain remover (for the toughest stains) - soak, scrub, soak and always pretreat
5. ... clothing brand - anything Anthropologie, JCrew or Banana

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