Monday, August 9, 2010

Milestones and Brothers

I would almost say I feel guilty for not having written for a few days, but I am not going to.  Why would I have to apologize?  Isn't this blog for me?  In the past few months of blogging I have discovered that there I get great pleasure and satisfaction out of writing, yet I also have come to a point where I feel I 'should' be writing every day.  'Should' according to whom?  The only person who thinks I 'should' write daily is me.  No one comes banging on my door if for a day (or a few days in this case) I haven't shared what has been happening on my front.  So, I am not going to apologize for not having been present.  I am simply going to catch up.

080910-rydersittingup2 080910-Kaisittingup2

The photos above are of both boys at 6 months old.  (Ryder on the left, Kai on the right).
Ryder has finally mastered the art of sitting up.  For the longest time he was 'sorta' able to sit up, but because the poor kid is so top-heavy, he would fall over within no time.  Now that he has discovered the joys of sitting up, there is no stopping and though he still at times tumbles over, he enjoys it.  At the moment he is still often surrounded by pillows to break any kind of tumble, but soon he'll be able to 'fly solo' I think.

He is just such a happy boy.  Loves to giggle, loves to play and discover new games.  It is beautiful to see how simple games can bring so much joy to a baby.  It is such a joy to re-discover the world through my children's eyes.


Other than that, he is loving his solids.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner have become a new experience: what used to be papa and mama helping Kai out, bribing him and at times enjoying a bit of food themselves, while Ryder made it perfectly clear in his swing that he did not appreciate being left out of these daily recurring events, has now turned into papa bribing Kai to eat, while mama feeds Ryder (who seems to have an insatiable appetite and goes through one jar of food after another). 


The 'at times enjoying a bit of food themselves' has turned into papa eating while Kai decides how important his yogurt is (yogurt comes after we actually eat some dinner), whereas mama has to maintain a steady pace in the spoon reaching Ryder's mouth as any delay is cause for alarm (on Ryder's behalf).


Unfortunately, we have taken a step back in sleeping over the past few weeks.  For several months Ryder slept through the night like an angel.  Oh bliss!!  All of a sudden that stopped and he has started waking up anywhere between 2-5am.  Milk is the only way he will go back to sleep.  For all our sanity (mostly for mine as the others hardly notice anything during the night) I have given in.  I am now slowly reducing the amount that he consumes in the hope that he will soon drop the waking up all together and will return to blissfully sleeping through the night.

The reason for his wakings aren't quite clear to me though.  He does have a pretty full diaper when he wakes up (despite me changing it when I go to bed), but not to the point that it wouldn't hold him until 7am.  It could be having reached the milestone of sitting up, it could be he's on his way to reaching another milestone, who knows.  I remember this happening with Kai as well, but regardless, I am ready for sleeping through the night again.

On Friday we got together with my best friend and her daughter.  We hadn't seen each other for a long time as they just returned from a 3-week trip to OH.  Kai missed his girlfriend and was over the top excited to see her again.  When we went over we discovered that that day she had started potty training. "Oh yippee!!" said the little voice inside of me.  Kai would be able to see that his best friend was "going potty", hopefully that will encourage him.  And yes it did...on the way back he asked for "MMS" [translations: M&M's].  I told him that if he would pee on the potty he would get one.  I went out and bought them, showed them to him.  They are in his own special cup.  And that's where the story ends.  They are in their cup on the counter.  Silently.  Abandoned.  Praying for attention.  But other than mommy walking by trying to withstand the temptation of devouring the whole cup with candy, they are severely falling short in the attention they are getting from my toddler.  Do M&M's go off? 

Being a single child, I have never had the experience of a sibling (obviously).  David often mentioned the "Big Brother Power" that Kai would have in Ryder's eyes.  I always thought that would manifest once Ryder was a bit older, but it at this point, it already exists.  This video shows perfectly what I mean.  I love the admiration that Ryder has for Kai as he looks at him in awe.  It warms my heart and I hope that as they get older and Kai becomes of aware of the magical power he holds over Ryder, he will put it to good use (in addition to the inevitable mischief he will be getting Ryder into.  Afterall, boys will be boys).

Well, that was it for catching up on part of the weekend.  There is so much more, but I really have to sit down and do some work now.  I start teaching again at the end of the month and given that we are going to use a new text book, I now have the 'privilege' to spend my afternoons re-working my lectures.  Not really what I had in mind, but c'est la vie.  I have to start early as I really only have a couple of hours a week to work on it given the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day.



Mrs. Chastain said...

My boss' pediatrician told her to just give her youngest water when she would wake up at night. Yes, it isn't exactly what they wanted but it consoles them until the morning.

Celeste Smith said...

My blog is private and I only have a following of about ummm...8 . $ loyal readers. lol! I blog for me and I still feel the need to blog daily! I think it gives my mom brain a creative outlet! Plus it is a great tool as I have used it many times to look back and see when something occurred!

Mama Hen said...

Oh my goodness that first video is so cute! I love when babies laugh! :) So adorable! I love the little Elmo outfit also. Very cute! Have a great night!

Mama Hen

~ Noelle said...

those are adorable photos!

Mothers' Hideaway said...

Your life sounds so much like mine. My youngest *adores* my oldest and fortunately for me the oldest is very protective of the youngest. I am so excited to watch them grow up together and have the "Brother Power". My oldest is already asking if the baby can play catch LOL!

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