Friday, July 9, 2010

Orange, Orange, Orange, Did Someone Say "ORANGE"?

Several weeks ago, I could care less about the World Cup Soccer.  I came across a few people (and ads) expressing their enthusiasm for it, but it didn't compare to the craziness one would experience in, oh, let's see...

Seriously, if you think that this country (the US) goes crazy over the baseball, basketball or football...think again!!  (I say this lovingly)  Real craziness is my home country when it comes to soccer.  Once 'we' (afterall, it's a team effort right?) made it to the quarter finals, the orange fever got to me as well.  I have been gone out of The Netherlands since 1999, but as I mentioned in a previous post, you can take the girl out of The Netherlands, but when it comes to soccer, you can't take The Netherlands out of the girl.
As I just said, WE have made it to the finals.  I mean, if the Dutch team was sent home after their 2nd match, it would have certainly been 'they', but now that we're talking World Cup Finals, I mean, hello!!!!  WE made it to the finals!!!
For those of you unaware of what the term "orange fever" means, let me explain with the help of some pics I pulled off the glorious and generous internet:

Just to give you an idea.  We take soccer very seriously as you can see!

Even though I cannot say this for sure, but I have a sense that many neighborhoods will look somewhat like this:

And while all this craziness is going on at home, awaiting the big game on Sunday, I am back in LA, mad at myself that I didn't buy any red-white-blue or orange flags, decorations or whatever to show my support (and pride).  So, what's a girl to do?  Right, I went to Target this morning and purchased the things I needed to show my support for as much as I can at this late moment.  The result:

(The dots are red, white & blue by the way).

So, as you can see: I am ready for Holland to win.  Bring it on!!


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