Friday, July 2, 2010

It Ain't Much If It Ain't Dutch...

...especially today as my home country of The Netherlands beat the (currently) #1 ranking soccer country in the world Brazil with 2-1.  I had the foresight to actually set the DVR to record the game, which aired at 7am this morning on ESPN.  (For those who missed the post in which I shared 7 things about myself: I am Dutch.  Born and raised.)

Me watching the game live, lost to Kai watching Sesame Street (afterall, mommy knows what's good for her), so I ended up watching it once Kai decided he had enough of his morning fix of Elmo, Abby, Zoe and Murray.  Thank god it didn't occur to him to ask for 'Curious George'.  When I turned it on, 'my' team was behind at 0-1.  Not great to wake up too.  But...that all changed and without boring you with the details of the game, all there is left to say is that now my throat is sore from the scream I let out with they scored 1-1.  By the time it got 2-1 I had to swallow my excitement as Ryder had just fallen asleep for his morning nap.  
Even though I do not follow much of what happens 'back home', I have to admit, I am all in the Orange Mood right now.  Afterall, you can take the girl out of The Netherlands, but when it comes to speed skating (that sport on ice that is so popular during the Winter Olympics) and soccer, you just canNOT take The Netherlands out of the girl.

So, you betcha that I will be watching the semi-finals.  I may not paint my face orange and top it off with red-white-blue flags on my cheeks (like I did back in college), but in spirit I am as orange as it gets.  Because, at the end, It Ain't Much If It Ain't Dutch (just ask my hubby ;-)


cookiesANDclogs said...
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cookiesANDclogs said...

You're hilarious. My hubby is actually in NL now for work and it is SOOO noisy in the streets! I'm just looking forward to the goodies he's bringing home. Although, he's enjoying croquette and haring without us :(

HRH Mommy said...

Oh how fun!! Yes, I lived there until '99. Born and raised. Shame on your hubby for enjoying all those yummy things without you!!! LOL!

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