Thursday, July 22, 2010

Friday Faves - Week 2

First of all, thank you for those of you who responded to the Friday Faves initiative that I started last week.  To those who are new, welcome!!  Read along and post a comment in response to the search of this week's faves.

Let me start out by summarizing the feedback I got to last week's questions:

1. Favorite kids' summer snack / treat
The reason why I posted this question was, because I was looking for suggestions.  Last year, Kai's favorite treat was water melon, but this year he doesn't want to have anything to do with it.
It seems like ice-cream / popsicles are the overall favorite. Joey mentions Dora popsicles, while CJ names the Edys'.  Mama Grits mentions Del Monte chillers.  I had never heard of them and need to try them out now.
I ended up ordering popsicle molds, so guess what I'll be doing this weekend.  Oh gosh, I am becoming so domesticated!!

2. Favorite tantrum soother
It's so awesome to see what different people approach meltdowns differently.  At the end it all depends on what works for you, the situation and your child, but here are some ideas:
A change of scenery is the cure for Adriel, while for others it's hugs, kisses, some quiet time (for the child and/or Mom), but CJ's take stood out for me.  She says: "Encourage them that they can get get themselves together. "Take a deep breath and tell me what you need in a big boy/girl voice so I can understand."   If it is a tantrum because they can't get what they want - I remind them that my room is a tantrum/bad attitude free zone.  If they want to cry they need to go into their room."  Obviously this wouldn't work so well with a baby, but I am going to give this a try with our toddler.
Mommycrat mentions her "Lalala song" which she blogged about a few weeks ago.  Check it out by clicking on her name in the previous sentence.

3. Favorite activity when you have 2 hours for yourself
...or should I say "IF you have 2 hours for yourself"?  Activities included blogging (who'd have thought?), reading, mindless TV (oh yeah baby!!), hanging out with a friend - all of which are better with a glass of wine as Mommycrat states, or a cocktail I might add.  Oh, and then there is the shopping....
Personally, I love going for a pedicure, a coffee with a friend, or a massage.  Anything relaxing without having to worry about the kids.

4. Favorite facial scrub
Personally, my favorite scrub is the Skin Prep Scrub from Dermalogica, but that stuff is not cheap.  Especially if you use it several times a week.  So, I have decided to use it once a week when I do my weekly at-home facial.  For the other times I am going to try some things out.
The most intriguing idea came from Crystal who suggested lemon and sugar.
CJ mentioned sugar and corn meal and St. Ives Apricot scrub if she buys it.  I actually just bought it and it's nice.  It's cheap and it actually has beads in it that feel like they're doing their job.
TV mentions the Neutrogena Advanced Solutions scrub and says "It's helped my skin more than words can express."  That'll be the next one I try out.

And last but not least, Sweetums5 suggests Borax and water: "
Fill bottom of squeeze bottle with 1-inch deep Borax cleaning powder (a natural mineral found under the earth), fill bottle  up with water, shake well and wash face with it morning & night/ just refill bottle with water till Borax is finished / buy Borax in Target, laundry detergent aisle."  Who knew?  I didn't.

5. Favorite staying-in date night

If $ wasn't an issue, I would definitely vote for a nice sushi dinner out and maybe a movie, but hiring a baby sitter on top of that for the evening all of a sudden makes even a simple evening out (not including sushi, but some standard middle-of-the-road dinner) an expensive one.  It seems like staying in might not be so bad after all.
Mommycrat mentions something dear to my heart: cooking together.  There is something nice about that.  I love cooking, but it is so much nicer when the hubby is helping out, especially with a glass of something to make it even more fun.  Yeah, and then the challenge: not talking about the baby.  It's sad, but sometimes that is cause for the occasional silence in the conversation....:-0
Movies are an absolute must it seems, and then there are the activities that, according to
Joey are not fit for publication.  I guess together with sleep (as CJ rightfully states) that would make for one lucky night!!

For next week, I would love feedback on the next 5 Favorites.  Comment away people, look forward to your responses!!

Your Favorite:
1. ... family car (and why)
2. ... store for kids' clothes
3. ... family dinner
4. ... kid's movie
5. ... way to trim your child's nails



adriel, from the mommyhood memos said...

I love a store called Cotton On Kids. I think it's only in Australia though... But they have super cute stuff as well as really good prices. :)

Shining 2 Save said...

Hi! I am your newest follower from friendship fridays. I look forwards to reading your posts.

Kari @

janetfaye said...

Hi! I am a new follower from Friday Follow!

Emily said...

Very cute Friday Faves, what a great idea! I will add your button to my Hop to it section so others can enjoy it too! I also love the Followers vs. Readership entry! I am happy to be following your blog and look forward to reading more entries. I also host a Friday Blog hop. I hope you will stop by and check us out!
Your Favorite:
1. Mitsubishi Outlander - it was my first new car ever, and is super comfy.
2. I am a sucker for clothes that make my baby look like a little man... so Oshkosh for sure! Who doesn't love a good pair of overalls??
3. Crock Pot Chicken with Salsa
4. Little Mermaid - It was also the 1st CD I owned.
5. wish for them to magically trim themselves?? But I try to get them when he is nursing.

MaggieK said...

New Follower...I love this post. We are making ice pops this weekend too - I am thinking we will try yogurt ones.

I will stop by and play later...I am posting from my phone and it's acting up.

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

1. I have two years (at least) left with my current car before I do any auto shopping. My one big deal breaker right now is the ease of buckling seat belts. Hubby has a Subaru Legacy that tries to hide the seat belt buckles. This makes it impossible for my daughter to click it on her own. So I'll be looking at the seat belts before considering the rest of the car!

2. I enjoy Sears for kids clothes.

3. I can't really pick one for a family dinner. We like it all!

4. I think all three Toy Story movies are great for the kids and grown-ups.

5. I talk to each finger and reassure them that they will be okay. The pinky is always afraid, but it will be brave when it sees how tough the thumb is.

I really like this feature - very fun!

Di said...

New here from FF. I'll have to try your weekly faves next week. Looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

Hello! New follower from that 22 yr old housewife! I'm a mama with #2 on the way... I hear it changes everything! Glad to be following you.

1. Fav family car - CRV or Pilot because I love the way they look! and the space inside!
2. Store for kids' clothes - Children's place. Adorable and fashionable AND reasonable price!
3. Family Dinner - Green Chili Chicken Enchiladas (my 3 yr old loves it!)
4. Kids movie - Recently: How to Train Your Dragon. Overall: Sleeping Beauty.
5. Way to trim childs nails - when he was a baby definitely while he was sleeping. Now that he's 3, while he is watching a Movie that distracts him.

Happy Friday!

brandon and jakell said...

Following from Friday Follow! Have a fabulous day!!!

Melanie said...

Found your blog on 22 yr old Housewife! Here is my blog

Your Favorite:
1. Family Car - Our new 09' Toyota Camry, much more spacey than my old Toyota Yaris.

2. Store for Kids clothes - I love hitting up consignment shops, and also Old Navy.

3. Family Dinner - Probably BBQ chicken, corn, and mashed potatoes!

4. Kids Movie - Toy Story... I can't tell you how many times we have watched this.

5. Way to trim your child's nails - After bath time... she's relaxed and her nails are softer from the water. She doesn't mind at all!

JIll said...

Hi I am a new follower visiting from Friendly Friday. I am also a mom a two boys my youngest is just 3 months.
I really like Land End childrens cloths. But we do a lot of carters.

C.Mom said...

I am all about reading and mindless TV---and/or getting ridiculously lost in twitter land.
Visiting from Friday follow!!

TV's Take said...

I enjoyed reading everyone's favs.
My favorite car: my old infiniti M
Store: I'm a sucker for Gymboree
Family dinner: Anything KLV will eat.
Kids Movie: ?
Nail Trick: Put her favorite video on, FP's Little People and clip away.
Have a great weekend HRH!

tsue1136 said...

Thanks for sharing all your favs!

Stopping by from Friday Follow and am now following you on GFC.

Enjoy the weekend,

Lauren said...

Thanks for participating today!!!
You have a wonderful blog and cant wait to see where it takes you... have a wonderful weekend!!!


Mommycrat said...

Hey there,

Yay for week two of this! Here's my 2 cents on:

Store for kids' clothes: We have a second hand chain of stores here called Boomerang Kids where you can get a lot of good stuff second hand which I'm a big fan of from a cost saving perspective - they grow so fast early on that they don't wear them out.

Kid's movie: Disney's The Little Mermaid. I can't wait until my daughter is old enough for disney. I love the Sea Witch :) Disney's Robin Hood is a close second.

Way to trim my child's nails: Very carefully! Usually when she is on the change table and sleepy - so she isn't moving around a lot :)

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm going to do a whole bunch of comments in one! My fav tantrum stopper is to ask one of the kids if they have a 'bonkers' this results in them asking for hundreds of kisses and they usually forget what they were upset about. My daughter is starting to catch on but it mostly still works!

I know what you mean about followers vs readers. I would by far rather 30 faithful followers who like what I have to say rather than 200 followers who don't actually care about what I'm saying. My blog is new too, but I like to think that I'm being honest and whoever is meant to read me will find me eventually :)

I LOVE your WW pic, seriously made me laugh. Oh the number of times that happened...not any more though...sniff (not really tho)

I'm a new follower, I enjoyed your posts!!

Anonymous said...

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