Thursday, July 1, 2010

Can you just speed up? Just a little bit?!?

Okay, did I miss something today, or what??  There must have been some memo out there that I didn't get.  A memo on being slow today.  Sound familiar?  No?  Lemme explain.  It will (sound familiar).

It seems as if today everyone who happens to put themselves in front of me, or somewhere on my path ahead of me, moves at a snail's pace: the dog puts himself right in front of me, so I nearly break my neck over him, trying to walk out the door.  The cat plops down right in front of me (in this case with the purpose to make me break my neck over her), because she was pissed off that I hadn't fed her yet in the 5 minutes I had been awake this morning.  Yeah, I hear you - how dare I?  I am such a bad cat-mommy! 
Then there is the inevitable car on the freeway that goes 50 mph.  Hey, did you know that in this state and for as long as I can remember, the speed limit is 65mph?  Yeah, the FREEWAY!  It's that road with 5 lanes going one direction and 5 lanes going the other direction.  It's the road you were driving on.  That one. We call that a freeway!!  Right!!  
Oh, and then there was the guy at Costco: I know, big mistake going to Costco 2 days before the Holiday weekend.  I know.  Thanks for reminding me.  So, Costco is packed.  I have everything I need and make my way over to the check out.  Then this guy puts himself in front of me, with his shopping cart.  He obviously has all the time in the world.  I mean, Ryder would go faster if he crawled.  (He doesn't yet, but if he did, he would.)  Seriously!  Every time I try to move to the side to pass him, he slowly moves to that very same side.  Slowly, but fast enough that I couldn't pass.  In his defense, he didn't do it on purpose (I doubt he even realized there were other people in the store), but it happened several times until I made it to the check out. I was ready to .... well, that wouldn't be nice of me to say.  

I finally made it home without exploding in anyone's face.  Which reminds me, I've been on a bit of an edge lately.  Don't know why, but I am.  I need some me-time.  Desperately.



PB Rippey said...

You're a mommy--that's why you're on edge! And if that's not the reason, it's still a good one.

TV's Take said...

I think these days exist just to test our patience. Your calendar shows just 1.5 months til your Girls weekend, hang in there! You can do it :-)
Happy 4th

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