Saturday, June 12, 2010

Stuck With Email

Last night was an awesome night!  I only got up 5 times as my little turtle got stuck on his back rock star got stuck on his tummy.  Seriously, it was a great night!!  The first time of me stumbling into his room was around 4:15am, which beats the heck outta 2am!  In addition to that, the visits to Ryder's room were short.  Real short.  They consisted of rolling him back onto his back, sticking his blankie under his arm, and stumbling back out, heading back to bed, where I picked up where I left off 1 minute earlier.  There was no fussing at all for anything to suck on.  Has he forgotten about the paci's existence??  No, wishful thinking.  Just keep reading.

So, I was all delighted this morning, happy and ready to start the day.  Over the  7 hours, my mood slightly changed.  The good night was balanced out by a lack of morning nap.  (On Ryder's part.  I would have had NO problem whatsoever to nap.)  He just refused to fall asleep.  Result: the kid got so tired he couldn't fall asleep for his afternoon nap.  Sigh...  He's asleep now, but he didn't go happy [= mind you, this is a major understatement]

I am convinced that my kids thrive on a routine.  Actually, I thrive on routine, and therefore I am convinced that my kids do too.  Both kids graced us with sleeping until 8am.  You have NO idea how awesome that is!!!!  That's 'sleeping in'.  If you'd told me 5 years ago that at some point in my life, sleeping until 8am would be considered sleeping in, I would have wondered what you were on, but these days... 8am...WAHOOOOO!!!!  SCOOOORE!!  While I nurse Ryder, David gets Kai going on his breakfast.  Oatmeal.  After the oatmeal comes the milk.  Downing that without interruption on either daddy's or mommy's lap, watching Sesame Street & Curious George.  Every day.  He loves it.  I love the snuggle time on the sofa.  This morning, as Kai is almost done eating his oatmeal, he puts the spoon down in his bowl and announces:

"Kai stuck with email [=oatmeal], Kai wants milk" 

Oh, how hard we laughed.  Reading it back, it's not even half as funny as it was in the moment.  I'd almost say "you should have been there", but how cliché would that be?

Yesterday I spent the afternoon finger painting with the boys.  Well, Ryder sat in his Bumbo seat, admiring Kai smearing finger paint all over the paper and himself.  We all had a blast.  

Kai managed to create 3 master pieces (4 if we include himself), I had a blast seeing him have so much fun and Ryder was in awe of the magic that his big brother produced.  (Kai certainly has the 'big brother power' in Ryder's eyes - very cute).  It was all fun and giggles, until we were done painting.  As I went outside to hang his last master piece to dry, Kai leapt out of his seat and ran over to the sofa to grab his blankies and give them the biggest hug he could possibly give them.  Whereas I appreciate his loving-ness, I was just on time to throw myself onto the blankies with a "nooooooo, don't touch!!!!!"  Result: a screaming toddler who then threw himself against my leg and was about to wrap his little paint-covered arms and hands around my legs.  "Noooooooo, don't touch!!!!!!"  That sent him over the edge: major meltdown.  Poor little man.  The bath was waiting, but I had to almost drag him into the bathroom.  Once in the water, all was well and we were happy again.  All of us.  

(FYI: that is paint on his face!!!)

I guess that the next time we do some finger painting I should be dressed more appropriately.  I am thinking of hosting a finger painting play date some day for my mommy friends and their kids.  Picture this: a huge piece of white 9ft. seamless paper from David's photography studio, covering the grass in the back yard.  Add to that: finger paint and about 10 toddlers in diapers...that should be fun.  Kiddie pool and sprinkler fun after wards.  Promises to be a great afternoon.  Already looking forward to it.



Megan said...

Sounds like fun! Madilyn is still learning crayons (on the wall, we let her have a wall of her own in the house. Literally, on the wall!), but ic an't wait until we get to try fingerpaints!!!

TV's Take said...

Welcome to blogging! Cute family as well. Following you from MBC. Come follow me at

Linda said...

A lovely reminder of days gone by. My "artists" are fairly able to clean up after themselves (All 4 of them...even the 6 year old does a pretty good job). Our home is decorated with framed reminders of these favorite artwork. Looking forward to reading your blog. Jumped over from MBC.

Maryanne said...

What a beautiful family! I'm following you now. :) I look forward to future posts and will visit again soon.

beingzaraandzidan said...

hey i am stopping by from MBC. I love ur blog. ur kids are adorable. I am ur newest follower
Do visit me & I hope u follow back.

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