Thursday, June 24, 2010

25 Day Challenge - Day 9

Finding Clarity
I have to admit that today I totally 'missed out' on my challenge.  I didn't even think about it.  Ohoh...bad mommy...

BUT, having honestly admitted that, I do have to say that over the past couple of months I have worked on the very thing that today's challenge asked for: clearing my environment.  No, I have not been picking up trash from the street (though I have from our front yard.  Can you imagine, people actually littering in other people's front yards?!?!  Yes, it happens!  Grrr!!!).  But, I have been clearing out my living environment.

A few months ago I was at a game night that one of my mommy friends had organized: a bunch of mamas, sipping wine, playing games and having good laughs.  My idea of a fun eve with friends.  We got to talking about this book that the host had bought and how it had changed her life.  I was intrigued and ordered it myself:

The Simple Living Guide, by Janet Luhrs is very insightful and gives great tips on how to go about simplifying every day aspects of life, reducing our stress levels and teaching us how to live more 'in the moment', more fully.  

The book prompted me to clean my house, take out all the crap a lot of things that I hadn't used for over a year and put those in boxes for a yard sale.  I filled up 3 trash bags with stuff out of my closet.  (No, I did not touch David's!) After my pregnancy with Ryder there were enough clothes that I couldn't or wouldn't wear anymore, so why hold on to them?  All that was left over after the yard sale got donated to Goodwill.

It feels nice to clean (out), though it is an activity that makes David nervous, to say the least.  He's the pack rat, I am the ... opposite (can't think of the word here).  So yes, it may have happened at some random moment in the past that I may, possibly, in a moment of ThisHouseNeedsToBeCleanNOW-overwhelm,  have tossed something out that I later  needed..or was his...possibly...dunnot remember specifics (Momnesia, I suffer from it).

Overall though, a clean house, and space around me (clean desk, tidy closets, tidy kitchen, etc.) gives me peace.  Ahah!  Now I know why I'm so-not-peaceful at the moment!!  Too much clutter!  That's it!  Glad I had my 'Ahah-moment' today, but unfortunately I am not in the mood to clean right now.  It's 11:20pm.  Too tired.

Must. Go. To. Bed.

Tomorrow's challenge:

No Complaining Zone
If you approach life complaining about what's missing then you'll be dissatisfied.  Satisfaction comes from knowing that things can always be improved but at the same time appreciating what is right in your life, right now.

Click here for the 'pause - think - act' elements of the challenge.

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Mama Grits said...

I love getting rid of clutter, it makes me feel like I have lost weight! I have to be sneaky getting rid of the kids stuff though. That turns into an epic war...

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