Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 2 - Laughter

There isn't enough laughter in this world.  Every time I turn on the TV, the news brings sadness: oil spills, plane crashes, terrorist attacks, murder, other varieties of violence, countries going bankrupt, and the list goes on and on.  This is largely why I hardly watch the news.  If I sat down on a daily basis to absorb all this misery, I would be on anti-depressants in no-time (and I doubt they would work).  So, I choose not to watch the news.  Some may call me 'ignorant', I consider myself 'a lot less stressed' because of it.  Maybe the new way to go is to invent something in the direction of the 'Happy News'.  It would certainly put our world in a different perspective and it might even uplift our spirits.  Really, there is not just bad news in the world, there is good news as well.  Unfortunately, according to 'ratings' (WHATEVER!) that is just considered not as exciting.  See, and that's where I think we are wrong: good news is a heck-of-a-lot more exciting than bad news.  Really, tell me: why would I sit down for 20 minutes and be reminded of this horrible society we seem to live in?  In my mind our society isn't that horrible at all.  Yes, it has it flaws, it DEFINITELY has flaws, but overall, we seem to overlook all the good there is going on in the world today.

One of those things (in my little world) may not be newsworthy to the other (according to the US Census Bureau) 6,820,799,999 global residents, but to me (the 6,820,800,000th one) it was a big thing: Ryder's first laugh.  And what a delightful sound that was.  There truly is no better sound than that of a child laughing.  It warms my heart and it reminded me that we should hear more of it in this world.

Let me digress for a moment: Kai has been fascinated (no, that's not the right word...yes, I have it: obsessed) with Thomas the Tank Engine movies and the Pixar movies Cars & Finding Nemo (we only just got started on building our Pixar library).  He has seen each movie enough to know what's happening in the next scene and is sharing it in his own delightful (and overly excited) way with all who are present in the room.  This time that happened to be Ryder and me.  Ryder is observing Kai more and more these days (something that is good and bad at the same time).  He was sitting on my knees, eyes fixated on Kai who was delighted about Thomas fixing Hiro and Spencer getting stuck in the mud.  All of a sudden, there it was: Kai's comment (I don't remember what it was) and Ryder's laugh.  They took turns: Kai commenting, Ryder laughing, Kai commenting, Ryder laughing.  I know that to others this may not seem like a big deal, but anyone who has kids, knows what it feels like - to hear your child laugh for the very first time.

The sound of a child laughing - it is absolutely precious.  Luckily I am graced with that precious gift on a daily basis.  I just wish we all were, as it would remind us that in a world where there is so much sadness, our focus should maybe shift a little in the direction of the good and the happiness around us.  it would make the world a better place - one laugh at a time.


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