Thursday, August 5, 2010

Friday Faves - Week 4

Happy Friday Everyone!

The first weeks of Friday Faves have already brought up some great ideas and suggestions - some of which I have already put to great use!  I would like offer other mommies the opportunity as well to start a Friday Faves on their blog.  Not only will it provide you with a chance to get some great suggestions and share ideas with your blogger friends, it also gives you the chance to be featured on my blog!

Here's how it works:

1. Become a follower of my blog.

2. Write a post, including anywhere from 3-5 'fill-in-the-blanks' that start with "What's your Favorite..." (Similarly as I do in my Friday Faves post).

3. Add the Friday Faves button to your post:

Grab My Button


4. Link your post up anytime during the week while the linky below is open.  (Make sure to link up the appropriate post, not your blog home page!)

At the end of the week, I will choose the 'winning' Friday Faves list of questions and feature the winning blog, its questions and their answers in my Friday Faves post.

You don't need to write a follow up post on the feedback you get from people, however, if you'd like to do that, I bet your readers would enjoy it.

So, mama's - let's get the creative juices flowing!!

Now, let's find out what people's feedback was on last week's Friday Faves:

1. Favorite cocktail
My absolute fave is the lychee martini.  (2.5 oz. vodka, 2.5 oz. lychee syrup, 1 oz. Lychee Liquor, 2-3 lychees for garnish).  You can also find the recipe on my recipe page.
The funny thing is that recently I have been trying out different recipes, among which the pineapple martini (spot the theme?) and this, was one of the ones that Emily mentioned liking as well!!  Great minds think alike!  Click here for the recipe.
Mommycrat and I seem to have similar taste as well as one of her faves includes the 'Crantini', which turned out pretty darn similar to the Cosmo I have mentioned on my
recipe page!
TV mentions the Brachetto D'Acqui and the Mojito.  I had never heard of Brachetto D'Acqui, which apparently you can buy, so I guess I'll have to 'suffer' and try it out some time soon.  Thanks for the suggestion TV!  I am always open to discovering new "Mama Juices" as we call them here at home :-0

2. Favorite outdoor activity on a summer day (other than swimming)
Walks in the park seem to be the thing to do among us mommies with younger kids. For kids a bit older, I like Joey's suggestion of laying on a blanket and looking at the clouds, spotting shapes in the sky.
But...after reading Petra's answer of what her teenage kids certainly makes me look forward to when the boys are a bit older as I think they would LOVE this.  I have to admit, I'll be there on the side watching (next to Petra!), holding my breath hoping the boys aren't gonna break something, but it sure sounds like a heck of a lot of fun for teenage, testosterone over-loaded boys:
"Tramp jumping with the sprinklers or hose on is the best outside activity with teenagers... I have to admit I am usually on the deck watching, but it always gives me a good laugh.  Not super safe though, so do at your own risk.  (We have a net)."

3. Favorite kid's breakfast
I have to admit, I cannot get myself to make a big elaborate breakfast in the morning.  Why?  Let's see: husband needs coffee, toddler needs oatmeal (I make anything else, he won't eat it), baby needs milk and fruit, cat needs food, dogs need food, oh yeah, and then there's mommy: a bowl of cereal on the go for her please.  If I start cooking an elaborate breakfast, someone is bound to get impatient and every single creature in my household would let me know if that happened to be them.  So, the quick and easy way it is at our house.
Emily mentioned pumpkin and banana buckwheat pancakes, while cinnamon toast with cream cheese is a favorite at TV's place.  Petra's blog is called "From Donuts to Crumpets", so take a wild guess as to their favorite breakfast...right...donuts & crumpets. Petra, feel free to share your crumpet recipe if you have a chance!!

4. Favorite easy-to-put-together and fun kid's art project
Petra and Joey had great suggestions for this one:
Petra goes back to her own memories of rubbing leaves: put different leaves under a sheet of paper (one at a time) and gently rub over them with different color crayons.
Joey suggested writing their own books: fold paper and staple it to write your own book.  Great idea, especially when the toddler is a bit older and 'gets it'.

5. Favorite smelly kids' feet remedy
Kai has smelly feet.  Not pretty.  I am desperately looking for a remedy.  Now, don't think I don't bathe my child.  He gets a bath every day.  His feet get scrubbed every day.  With soap!  They still smell.
Before I specified in last week's post that it pertained to my toddler's feet,
Emily had already responded and suggested soaking your feet for 30 minutes in strong black tea.  I have read about that and if I every suffered badly from less-than-pleasantly smelling tootsies, I will certainly try that.  However, I don't think I will be able to have my toddler soak his feet in tea for that long...Petra mentioned dryer sheets in the shoes.  Overnight, and even when they are wearing them.  Unfortunately he didn't groove on the dryer sheet in his shoe while wearing it...
At the moment I am waiting for my pediatrician to call me back with a suggestion.  Will certainly update when I talk to her.

So, dear friends, for next week, start your own Friday Faves and don't forget to link up below. 

At this mommy's blog, I would love to hear about your Favorite:

1. ... family vacation destination.
2. ... tricks to keep your child occupied in the car.
3. ... cook book.
4. ... body lotion / body butter.

5. ... kid's book.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



MageeBaby said...

Thanks so much for visiting. I'm following back! :)

Favorite family vacation spot would be Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri since it is close to where we live and not too expensive and has neat educational type things like glassblowing demonstrations etc. Taking our kids for the first time this fall wahooo!

Emily said...

Oops on the tea thing - Just to specify I don't know from personal experience, although my hubs should... :P
You could try putting corn starch in his socks while he wears them too - like a light dusting...
Now I want a Pineapple Martini!!
On to this week!
1. Family vacation destination. - We grew up going to NC Roanoke Beach in the summer, and Sanibel Florida in the winter. Loved them both!! (Or Wisconsin Dells is the best when you are a kiddo!)
2. Tricks to keep your child occupied in the car. - I sing, but my guy is still only 14 months so far we don't really have issues... FingersCrossed!
3. Cook book. Do I have to choose?? I love all my cookbooks, and internet sites too! Sorry I am not good with answers this week.
4. Body lotion / body butter. Hands down, Moonlight Path BBW
5. Kid's book. Currently, I love you through and through, but I just bought the Butt Book, and it is super funny - see today's post...

Mass Hole Mommy said...

Howdy! I'm your newest follower!

Turning the Clock Back said...

Hey, just stopping by to check out your blog. Found you on Follow Friday. Hope you can come check out my blog when you get a chance! Have a great weekend!


Sandra said...

Favourite smelly kid's feet remedy! bahahaha! I don't get near enough to their feet to know if they smell, and i like it that way! You're so funny!

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

1. ... family vacation destination - I'm going to go with the obvious one here, Disney World. But in the fall or winter when the heat is not an issue.
2. ... tricks to keep your child occupied in the car - iPhone baby. My husband has games on there (Tinkerbell, Martha Speaks, Super WHY) and for long trips she can watch a whole movie.
3. ... cook book - I wrote my own picking and choosing the best recipes from my childhood. I put them all in a binder with plastic page protectors. When I gave my sister a copy she called me "anal retentive". Just say thanks next time, but I use that cook book all the time and it is definitely my favorite.
4. ... body lotion / body butter - sometimes I splurge and buy Jergen's. Yes, I'm that cheap.
5. ... kid's book - The Velveteen Rabbit

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