Friday, July 16, 2010

A 'Quick' Run to The Store

Here is what bothers me: almost every day, something happens that makes me think "Oh, I have to write about that".  And 99.9% oh screw it, 100% of the time that is at moments where sitting down to write down my notes is pretty much beyond impossible.  Then, at 9pm (like today) when I finally have time to sit and write, the moment is so far behind me, gone, history, that it has lost all of its emotion and hence doesn't serve a purpose for my blog anymore.  And every day I tell myself "note the emotion, so you can access that again tonight when you write".  And every day I fail miserably.

Having said that, I would like to take a moment and comment on the 2 people who appeared to be incapable of parking their cars this afternoon at Bed Bath & Beyond in Studio City, CA.  If you were the owner of a big black, fancy, shiny Lexus SUV (you know, the one that were deemed unsafe by IDontRememberWhatCarSafetyRatingOrganization because they tipped over too easily) or you own the black, shiny, fancy-wannabe Nissan sedan that took the Lexus' spot when they left: TAKE A DRIVING LESSON AND LEARN TO PARK!!!!!!

You know, those white lines that mark the spots in parking lots...yeah, those white ones, on the ground, they serve a purpose: they indicate where you park.  IN BETWEEN THEM!!!  Granted you both drive big cars, but trust me, the spots didn't say "compact", so you should have been perfectly capable of parking the darn vehicles properly.  If you can't park the car, don't drive it!!!

You shouldn't have to force other people, especially those with 2 kids, to having to hold their breath in order to be able to get out of their car.  Oh, "Why did I have to take that spot next to you then?" you ask??  Ah, good question, I saw that one coming: because it was in the shade and the last one on the lot, without me having to park down the street and walk a block.  I have 2 kids!!!!!  Can't you read?!?!  And it was another HOTHOTHOT one today, so no, I didn't feel like shlepping my kiddo's down a busy street in the sun.

And as if getting out the car wasn't enough of a struggle, the shopping experience definitely didn't improve the quality of my afternoon.  I came in for 3 things: a stick blender (as I ground my old one up on ice cubes - you'd think it could handle that.  No, it couldn't!!!  Let this be a lesson for all of you blending-fanatics out there!), popsicle molds and one of those misting fan spray bottles.  You know, the spray bottles with a fan on it.  The ideal buddy for zoo days like the one earlier this week.

Stick blender: was on the website.  Not in the store.  Got ordered, will arrive in 2 weeks.  Got a $10 discount coupon and managed to get the shipping costs waived.  Hey, if the store doesn't have it in stock and is ordering it to be shipped to me, I am certainly not planning on paying for shipping costs.  Them not having it in stock is not my problem.

Popsicle molds: were on the website.  Not in the store.  But by the time 2 associates had searched the shelves (really: do you think I didn't already check?!?!  What do you think I am?  Stupid?  If you guys had had it, I would have found it.  I really really really want those molds) and finally checked in the 'back' (which took wayyyy too long when you have a fidgety 2 year old in the cart and a fussy and tired 5 month old in the carrier on your chest), the answer was "no".  REALLY??  I wasted Cheerios, a cereal bar and lots of bribing for "no"?  [stifled curse]

Mist-fanny-thingy (that sounds wrong, but you know what I mean): Check!  I would have lost it if they didn't have it.

By the time I get to the check out, both boys have absolutely had it.  What was supposed to be a quick in-and-out let-me-get-my-things-and-go trip, turned into the shopping experience every mom dreads (and rightfully fears).  Only for it to be made WORSE at the check out where a 40-somewhat-disgruntled-unhappy-with-his-life-and-everything-in-it- middle-aged-probably-mid-life-crisis-suffering-uptight-man manages the register.  (Did I mention I ALWAYS pick the wrong line?).
"Did you find everything you needed?" 
(Do you really care?) 
Me: "As a matter of fact I did not." (and it really quite bothers me) 
Him: "I meant, did you need anything else?" 
Me [thinking]: See!  My point exactly!!  Ya just don't give a flying toss!" 
Me [politely]: "nope, thanks". 
Him: "Do you have the $10 discount coupon that is mentioned here on your order?" 
Me: "Oh, I gave it to Sean, who placed the order for me on the computer over there."  [pointing] 
He then slowly but determined picks up the phone and calls over the intercom to Sean to verify and to make sure that this woman in front of him (yeah, the one with the 2 screaming kids) isn't lying.  Com'on!!!  You've GOT to be kiddin' me!!  Are you for real??  Oh wait, you probably don't get paid enough to really care.  That's right, I forgot!

Yeah, and then upon returning to my car there was the Nissan whose owner couldn't park either.  'Nuf said above!

Well, maybe today I made sure to remember the emotion as this seems to have turned into quite a post.  Thanks for reading!



Rachelle said...

That bed bath and beyond is SO annoying. The lines are always so long. Your experience sounds so bad. I once was in a huge hurry and the clerk was as slow as a sloth and training and didn't know how to count back my change. I finally reached to her hand and gabbed out the correct amount. I also helped her with the receipts, it was an exchange. I've worked in retail too much to just sit there and wait for a slower slothy manager to arrive! I tried to be polite and even smiled as I did it. It was insane.

As for the parking spot... I have begun to leave notes. They need to know! Be polite people!!!!

Dalia - Gen X Mom said...

Oh, parking lot rage! Some people in parking lots make me totally insane. Some people are just incredible!

Mommycrat said...

Ooooh! I felt for you in the store.

As for parking lots. Grrrr. The one at my gym is my personal favorite. They have these spots close to the door clearly marked for people with young children.

And either I find cute little sports cars parked there (I fight the urge to ask the men I sometimes see exiting them when they are due) or behemoth station wagons that fail to properly park between their lines thus sometimes making it impossible to get my carseat back in without first reversing my car.

So I feel your pain. You successfully remembered your emotion!

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