Monday, July 26, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday - Superwoman Needs Cookies & Chocolate!



HRH Mommy said...

FYI - I made the diet decision in the evening, after the Frappuccino (mentioned in previous post) and a kids' birthday party (read: carb and sugar overload).

Lee-Ann said...

Good luck! Your day sounds similar to mine. I should be passed out in bed exhausted but here I am blog hopping at almost 1am! Okay off to bed I go! Stopping by from Supah's! :D

PB Rippey said...

Ha ha!!! My mind says: but if she worked that hard, if she was a mommy all day AND ploughed a vegetable garden, etc., why, why can't she have chocolate??? Yeah, yeah, I know the answer (no chocolate, cookies or Annie's "wholesome" bunny treats in my cupboards, either). But still!!! Arrrgh.

Meeko Fabulous said...

Good luck on your diet. Keep it up. You can do it! :)

family of 4 on the move! said...

Whoaaaaaaaa there nelly!!! Losing the last few pounds is hard and yes I agree sometimes you have to do drastic things to achieve it but...NO Choc?!!! There is no reason to deprive yourself of god's gift to women just for a few pounds I mean really just eat less carbs and sneak some choc!! Please just do it for me before you send your body into total shock and we have to read about you in the bloggerville daily times!! For me..yeah?!!!
Whew ok had to be said!!
Stopping by from PINT!! Have a fab day..and for pity sakes woman get some chocolate!!! lol

Jammie said...

I have come to a conclusion on why the healthy foods make you lose weight... It is because they are so gross tasting you would rather not eat then eat them. Happy PINT and good luck.

Diane said...

Chocolate never seems to call your name more than when you decide to try and lose a few pounds. I mentioned my good friend, chocolate, in my post its today too!

JaelCustomDesigns said...

Wow! I'll live vicariously through you because I always seem to break my diets.

I have such a sweet tooth and NO Chocolate is like a crackhead without cocaine! Well, maybe I didn't need to use that description, but you see how important chocolate is to me.

It's an addiction! Happy PINT!

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