Monday, June 28, 2010

Impeccable Timing

Until recently I thought that Kai would be one of those kids who would never, ever potty train.  I am still not convinced that he will before he goes to college, but I think at some point in his life he actually might.  'They' (whoever 'they' means) always talk about the signs that your toddler displays when they are ready to potty train.  Well, Kai doesn't show any of those and given his incredible stubborn-ness, I wonder if he ever will.  By the way, I have NO idea where he got that stubborn-ness from....probably dad....uhum....[blush]

So, if he's not showing any signs, then there's gotta be other ways to get him to move toward saving mommy some diaper $$, right?  Right!  I call it Bribery!!  And I am 100% in favor of it.  Big thumbs up on conditional parenting in that respect (I just read the book 'Unconditional Parenting' - can you tell?).

The Deal: he tells us that he did a poo-poo (before we smell it and tell him we need to change his diaper) and he gets 5 chocolate chips.  It's a steep price to pay, I know, but I hope it's worth it.  

He is totally getting the chocolate chip reward and contrary to some other 'rules' in the house, he seems to be capable of remembering this one very well.  Fascinating.  Lately however, his timing in telling me has been impeccable:  I call out that dinner is served and everyone needs to come in to wash their hands.  He comes running up to me and proudly announces: "Mommy!!  Kai poo-poo" to which mommy only has to bend over oh, about an inch to get a whiff of confirmation that indeed, Mr. did a poo-poo.  Let me repeat: dinner was served.  Sigh...  This has happened several days now.  Enough to make me call out that dinner is ready 10 minutes early.  That way I don't have to reheat everything in the microwave.

Today, just as I had sat down to nurse Ryder: Kai comes running in and announces full of excitement: "Kai poo-poo!!!  Chocolate please!!"  I mean, does he on purpose wait for the most inconvenient moment to tell me?  Whazzup with that?!

At the end of the day, I am happy that he seems to be getting it.  Now, if he could tell me right after he does it and before he smushes it around by plopping down on the ground, that would be lovely.



Maryanne said...

Bribery is what helps keep parenthood as sane as possible... if that WERE possible. He wants a shot of chocolate before dinner? He's my kind of kid! :P I hope he starts going without the chocolate for your sake!

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

I am all for bribery!!! My girl was hard to train, but we are almost there!!!!

The Planet Pink said...

There's nothin' wrong with a little bribery! And for what it's worth, my girls (the potty trained ones) are STILL terrible about waiting until we are actually SITTING at the dinner table with the food on our plates to decide they need to go. Sheesh.

KimD said...

Hi, from MBC & My daughter shows all the signs of PT and we even have the bribery rewards all ready: chocolate minis for #1, and a full sized chocolate bar for #2. She's a chocolate addict so we figured she'd be PT'd in a day. NOPE! Still refuses and yet all the chocolate is gone. Hmmmm.-KimD

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