Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Diaper Fairy

Fairly soon after we moved into our house in 2004, it started: one morning we opened our front door and there it was - a plastic bag with several fresh ears of corn.  A few days later, we discovered fresh tomatoes.  And this went on and on.  For a couple of years we were occasionally visited by the 'Vegetable Fairy' as we called him.  In addition to corn and tomatoes, we received melons, avocados, lettuce, more corn and more tomatoes.  It was lovely.  Soon after the first few drop-offs, we realized that the 'Vegetable Fairy' was a neighbor of ours who lived on the corner.  He had a little produce garden (we still don't know where, as he didn't have it in his backyard) and now and then he would drop some yummy-ness off.  Given his personality, we decided to change his name from 'Vegetable Fairy' (which by the way, we were just using between the two of us) to the 'Producer'.  Just in case he might overhear us some time.  He wouldn't like 'Vegetable Fairy' - trust me....:-0

To our knowledge he never realized that we called him by either name, but nevertheless, at one point the deliveries stopped.  We must have done something to upset him, but weren't sure what that could have been.  Our best guess is, it happened the day he came over and asked for an item he had loaned us, which was in the back of the garage, behind some pretty heavy items. I was 39 weeks pregnant with Kai (about to pop) and couldn't for the life of me get to the requested item.  When I told him that David would drop it off as soon as he got home that evening, our much beloved 'Vegetable Fairy' 'Producer' walked away, cursing and hissing.  I am still baffled by that.


Since that day, I get my veggies from the 'Vegetable Fairy' at the grocery store.

Fast forward 6 years.  It started a few months ago when Ryder was just 2 months old.  One afternoon, I am in the kitchen and as I walk by the kitchen window, I swear I see someone walk up to the door.  As I put, whatever-it-was I needed to put away, in the fridge, I walk back to the window and check who it is.  There's no one there... "Was my mind playing tricks with me?  I swear I saw someone!  Maybe I didn't.  Good grief, I am sleep-deprived!  I am seriously starting to hallucinate!"  I let it go and continued what I was doing.  The next time I walk by the window, out of the corner of my eye, it looks as if there is something by my front door. My curiosity gets the upper hand and I actually open the front door to check it out.  Only to discover a pack of diapers.  Size 2.  Clearly for Ryder.

A few days later: I get home from grocery shopping (and buying veggies off the 'Vegetable Fairy' at the store) and there it is: a Value Box of size 2 diapers.

The 'Diaper Fairy' exists people!!

Dear Diaper Fairy: 
(I hope you don't mind me calling you this as I mean it in the loveliest way possible)
Thank you for providing us with such an abundant supply of 'tushy covers' for the youngest tushy in our household.  We (and he as well) are extremely grateful for your generosity and for your help to keep the aforementioned tushy nicely dry and soft.

Ryder likes his milk and consumes between 8-10 oz. per meal.  That's between 32-40 oz. per day and we all know what that means: what goes in, must come out.  In other words, he is making great use of your gifts.  As I was changing him tonight, I opened the last pack of size 2 diapers and realized that your planning and timing had been impeccable: next week we will dig into the size 3 diapers that you miraculously made appear on our doorstep 2 days ago.  

In the 4 months that Ryder has been with us, we yet have to buy diapers for him.  Between the diapers we received at my mommy-group baby shower and those that you so kindly dropped at our front door, things have been covered.  Thank you, as we are well aware of the price that even Diaper Fairies have to pay for them.

We are incredibly grateful for your help and support to keep our littlest, cutest and softest tushy covered.

Thank you, also on behalf of Ryder,

All my Love,



Celeste Smith said...

WOW! That is awesome! I need a diaper fairy...and a laundry fairy.

PB Rippey/Sleepless Mama said...

What a weird and wonderful fairy! From veggies to diapers. Bizarre. But nice! And a little hysterical!

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