Friday, May 28, 2010

24 Hours in a Day - It Just Ain't Enough

I shouldn't even be writing this right now.  No, I should be in bed, sleeping.  THAT's what I should be doing, yet here I am, sitting down behind my computer, writing just a few sentences to send out a message to the world that YES, I am still breathing.  Barely that is, but nonetheless, that constitutes as being alive.

The past few days have been absolutely crazy and one of these days I hope to actually compile all the posts that I started and turn them into one, to kinda summarize my crazy week.  I am looking forward to that moment, simply because it means that I would actually be able to sit down and take a deep breath for a moment.  I need it and in the next 24 hours it looks like I am not going to get that.  Nevertheless, I am looking forward to the weekend, yet right now, I really just want to go to bed.  My alarm clock (the electronic one, not the human one - hopefully) will go off at 6am tomorrow.  Having a toddler and a baby I have gotten a little bit used to 6:00am wake up calls, however, I am far, far removed from actually 'liking' it.

That brings up the question: why is it that as children you hate going to bed and sleeping late, while as adults, you would do anything for a long, long night's sleep?  When does that change?



Celeste Smith said...

I don't know!!! but I wish I would have taken advantage while I had the time. EVERY day I end the day saying...what have I done ALL day??? I know I was busy and most days I dont even get to sit down till dinner time! ahhh. Craziness.

WonderWomanWannabe said...

I hear you. There really is NO way you can convince me right now that there are 24 hours in a day. Somebody is counting wrong, somewhere.

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